Wholistic Healing
Power of the Mind

To find Real Happiness,it is important to Understand the dynamics of Wholistic Healing.

Because there is so much to cover, I will give an over view of the important dynamics here and continue to elaborate as I add pages.

If you have any questions, please submit them to me. I Love questions! They will help me as I get more and more in depth ;-)

Okay, let's get started.

First of all, in Wholistic Healing you don't need to be sick to get better!

Secondly, nothing you use on the human level to feel better can compare to what you will Experience when you Connect to the Truest Part of yourself!

The Power of Pure Love and the Wholistic Healing that comes with it,
IS the Ultimate High!!!

To find Real Happiness is to be able to walk in Peace, Love, and Joy; in all you think, say, and do.

Wholistic Healing is Healing from the inside out!
It is the most gratifying thing you can do for you!

It will make you feel better than anything else on this planet possibly can!


Once you Connect with your Truest Nature, your Ideal Higher Knowing,
you will find your self in "The Rhythm of Pure Love"!
Then, you too will Know that Pure Love Heals All!!!

This is all about being in Harmony with your Self, not just your self!

Self with a capital "S" refers to your Higher Self. Self with a little "s" refers to your little human ego self, the part of you that is less than your Ideal.

98% of the people on the planet have been conditioned into believing in their little self, also known as ego, more than their Eternal all Knowing, Ideal Self.

Because most people identify with their little self, the human part of their consciousness; they don't have any significant connection with the Truest part of their nature, their Higher Self, their connection to the Ecstacy that awaits them!

If you were already one with your Higher Knowing, you would Feel Ideal and Know that you did find Real Happiness!

KEY: You must FEEL the bad to be able to Experience the Good!
Don't avoid anything.
This IS Wholistic Healing.

As bad as it feels, is as Good as it will FEEL, once you walk through the fire; finding the Humility, learning the Lessons, and Being more because of the experience!
(everything in your life happens for a reason)...
Check back in the future when I will post a page on the many angles of 'why things happen' and how to find a Healing Balance, Wholistic Healing.

Through every negative, you will learn to be more Loving, understanding, and Compassionate.....
with your self first and the world second!

In any given moment, you only know what you only know;
Acknowledge the fact that the only thing you will every Truly Know is yourself;
You project onto others only what you know;
It has less to do with them, and more to do with you;
Take everything personally with an Open Heart, to SEE the Truth about you!
Wholistic Healing will make you more Whole than you can now comprehend!!!
Your brain can only take you so far! Just wait until you Experience the Power of Your Mind!

We, as humans, have been taught not to feel; to just get over it; to save face and move on!
Well, that isn't the way to find Real Happiness or connect to your Ideal.
This is where history fell off the shelf!
(click tab on 2012 for more about 'history falling off the shelf'.)

Wholistic Healing is very much influenced by The Eternal Way. The Eternal Way is paradoxical many times to the human way; but if you give it a little thought; and feel from your Ideal, Purely Loving Objective Perspective; you will Know what is Truly, Eternally, Right for You!
This is where intellect alone can hold you back!

As you start Understanding the dynamics of Wholistic Healing, you will find your self compelled to make refinements in how you live your life.

You will start doing things in ways that will be more Harmonious with your Higher Self and Knowing; because you will be feeling and it will feel good!

Make it an experiment for yourself.

"Be Good for Goodness Sake; Be Good for nothing"!
(This is a 'Verbal Elixir' from my book.)

The Goals of Wholistic Healing:

Help you learn how to be Aware of the Clues that are presented to you as you live your daily life!

Help you slow down, and get to know your self better so you too can once again be One with your Ideal Self, and Know you found Home!

Wholistic Healing is all about Connecting with Home base, Your Ideal. It is the only way to find Real Happiness and Heal your Soul!

The Insights you get by reading this information and following your Clues,
Will stimulate your Eternal Knowing and your connection to your Ideal Self...
Tadaaahhhhh, the first step to Wholistic Healing!!!

You probably aren't aware that there are Clues to your Eternal Happiness yet, but you will....

The Insights will help you free your self from your human conditioning and join into the Eternal Way,
Healing your soul in ways that you can't appreciate yet.

Each Insight will bring you closer and closer to your Truest Purest Self and the Eternal Way. You will sense that you are on the right path and that you will find Real Happiness!

This site is filled with Eternal Truths,
as my Primary Perspective is Eternal.

Consequently, you may feel that what I am saying is too Idealistic to be valid. WRONG!!!

That may be how it feels relative to where you are!
But, Please, don't let that stop you from continuing!
I KNOW there is something here that can trigger an "Aha" moment for you!
Just don't give up.
The more you put into this, the Bigger the Benefit!!!
I can guarantee it!

Once you hear an Eternal Truth, it will stick with you.
You may not even think you remember it,
but at the right time, it will come out of you, as if it were yours!
This usually happens in the middle of some experience that is less than Ideal.
All of a sudden, you will have an "Aha" moment!
You will see with an Objectivity beyond your normal view, and Realize where your thinking was limited by your emotional memory.
Wholistic Healing will help you eliminate doubt and fear!

Past experiences taint our Loving Objective View,leaving with it re-actions that are not One with your Higher Knowing, but only in defense of your little wounded nature.

As you learn to listen to your Higher Knowing, the Wisdom of your soul,
you will make healthier choices about mostly everything you say, think, and do!
You will no longer re-act.
You will respond freshly and appropriately in the moment, from an Ideal frame of reference!

In Wholistic Healing, 'will power' is a joke!
To find Real Happiness you must feel like you are flying,
not controlling, or feeling heavy in any way!

"You want to feel Divinely Directed and Protected"
(from "Verbal Elixirs; Thoughts to Peace of Mind,
How to have Heaven on earth," by Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen)

Here is a good way to look at this sensation that I want you to get more familiar with.
When you are around someone who is Spirited,
you can feel that they have an effervescense about them that is uplifting!

You want that spark in yourself to be ignited.
The more you build on that spark in you,
the more you will be able to identify with that Eternal part of your self, your Spirited Nature.
You will beam, radiate that Loving effervescense!

KEY: Once you've had an experience, you can always get it back!
You do have a memory of your Ideal in you! It is what you are Truly longing for when you go to meet someone new, reach for a drink or that piece of candy you know you shouldn't have!
You may need to use your Imagination to re-connect to it, though. Imagine how you would feel if all in your life were in perfect order. Really feel it! Feel and Experience it in every cell of your being! You are to feel that good and better, no matter what is or isn't going on in your life!

To distance yourself from negativity,
you want to beam the White Light Energy!
Radiate or radiation gets you!
Be aware of toxic people.

Be aware also that your little self has separated from your all Knowing Self!
To re-connect to your Ideal all Knowing Self, it is a good idea to meditate!

You can use my "Creative Experiencing" Cd's to: help you Build on your Ideal, Relax, Heal, prepare for your day; and make the most of what you went through in your day..and more!

check them out by clicking on the store button)

To follow the Clues, you need to learn to be Aware that they are there!

Remember that everything is relative. (you may want to refresh your memory by re-reading "What will happen in 2012" by clicking that tab at the top of the page)

Since everything is relative, it is wise for you to get into your Ideal State of Being.
Then you can have everything relative to your Ideal.
Everything is only relative to where you are mentally, emotionally and physically.
Don't sell your self short by making your choices relative to anything less than your Ideal!!!
If you do, it can't be Wholistic Healing!

If you are in a crappy rhythm, relatively speaking, almost anything will feel better than how you are feeling! That's why it is so easy for everyone to find some diversion to temporarily make them feel better!

If you are feeling Ideal, then everything that is less than Ideal will be Obvious!
Ahaaaaa....that's where you find clues to find Real Happiness. Anything that feels less than Ideal is a Clue that you are not One with your Ideal!

Wholistic Healing is mostly about following the "Clues".
The "Clues" will lead to an "Insight"!
That "Insight" will help you find the "Gift" in the moment!
That "Gift" will Heal your past brain circuitry.
This helps your little ego self See the Light!
And Live in Harmony with the Truest Purest You!

Ultimately you will Realize that your Higher Self has been there all along, but that you had separated from it. That's what makes us human.

PURPOSE for being here on planet earth and in a body* is to Remember who we really are and Live IT!

You need to get past your brain circuitry, human programming....
by getting your brain circuitry to be in Harmony with your Ideal. You do this by following the Clues!

In Reality, you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience!

You must Realize that you are not a human being having trying to have a Spiritual Experience!
This is what is leaving you longing for something that you can't quite put your finger on.
That's why nothing satisfies you the way you hope it would, or the wonderful feeling that you thought it gave you doesn't last!

By me just telling you all of this, won't do it justice!
You need to STOP.....and digest this information!
You need to read it a minimum of 3 times!

What I am sharing with you is
contrary how you have been programmed into being!

It is now the time in time for you to follow your feelings!
This is how it has to be with Wholistic Healing!

I know, I know! You were taught not to follow your feelings!

That was right for then. Now is a new time in time!

Big KEY to following your feelings!

If you are to find your Truth and Ideal through feelings,
you must FIRST sense if your gut level is open;
because you need to follow your gut level with an open heart.

You can't have an Open Heart unless what you are doing settles in your Gut first.

This means you must always remember to Breathe, Breathe, Breathe!!!
(check out store for "Creative Experiencing" Cd's with descriptions of each)

Here is a brief description of the breathing, so you can use the power of your breath now!

Inhale through your nose.
Feel and See "White Light Molecular Energy" coming in through the top of your head.
Visualize it filling up the inside of your body, effecting every cell of your being.
(See the white light energy like the old tv screens, when there was no picture. There was gray molecular energy. See it white, like the freshly fallen snow, as the sun light glistens it with every electric color of the rainbow.
Feel that energy in you!

Inhale and exhale a minimum of 3 times until you feel your self breathing from your solar plexus, gut level.
Feel the energy in you!
Feel and see it filling up the inside of your body so compactly that it literally seaps through your pores, enveloping you externally with the "White Light Molecular Energy"; protecting you from negativity as you go through your every moment. and balancing out anything less than harmonious within your being.
As you breathe in the White Light Healing Energy, you are exhaling the negative....anything less than Ideal.

You want to walk through your day in this balanced, centered sense of Being.
Then you can be Mind Directed and not brain controlled.
Mind over Matter
Wholistic Healing

Judge another....means you need to learn a new level of Humility!
Acquiring Humility is a KEY to finding Real Happiness!
I will get more in depth on another page!)
Judging is a separatist view; hence ego
Where ego ends, Spirit begins
You are a Spiritual Being having a human experience
Judge another, judge your self
Stretch from where you are , into the Oneness,
by Learning to Be more Loving, Understanding, and Compassionate than you could possibly dream up!

With more energy in our atmosphere and everything intensifying, we all need to continually let go of anything that holds us back or is heavy in anyway....or we will feel like we are losing ground!

We need to all become more Spirited and effervescent, less dense! I don't expect you to completely understand this yet, but instead for you to just get a sense of it for now.

Momentum is building. We all need to continually re-fine our selves at this time or we will start to feel too hard, dense, and brittle!

The point here is, that where ever you are constricted or holding back,
you will feel a symptom, something that doesn't feel Ideal!
By being Aware, you will be able to find the Ideal to the less than Ideal.
This process helps you bridge your little ego self to your Higher, Purely Loving Self, the part of you that is Truly Eternal!
This is the way to find Real Happiness and Experience the effects of Wholistic Healing!
One Powerful Baby step after another!

This is an over view of how Wholistic Healing will help you find Real Happiness and walk in Peace, Love and Joy with a Spiritedness that will surpass your wildest dreams!

Upcoming topics that I will get more in depth with for you:

Power of Pure Love
Fine Art of Idealism
How to Be Your Own Healer
And much more......

Need help identifying what the clues mean?
Need help being Aware of the Clues?
Just want help?
I will have a page up soon with all available services, books and Cd's.
Bookmark this page.
Check back soon.
Contact me!

Wholistic Healing

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