Actualized Soul Applies to those who have Healed their little “ego ways” and have Realized (refer to "Realize") their Oneness with their Ideal Spirited Nature.

Addiction An indication that one is living from an incomplete, human, perspective; a way to fill the innate emptiness inherent in the human condition. The solution is to find Eternal Peace of Mind and Joy through connecting to the Bigger, All-Encompassing Reality that is our Original Home Base. Those who feel complete within their Selves Feel Fulfilled and no longer feel a compulsion for an outer fix.

Affirmation A positive statement used to manifest change; a vision or concept that one must believe and Live in Harmony with to give it Power. "Creative Experiencing" (CE) Cd's help Actualize Affirmations through Total Experiencing.

Alone Not a reality in the 4th dimension; only real in the human reality, separatist perspective; a sign of not being One with your Higher Self and, therefore, ultimately not One with the Bigger Picture. Feeling alone is a clue that you are not One with your Higher Self.

Anger A feeling that lets you know when something is not fair or in your Eternal Best Interest (EBI); a clue for making change. The intensity of the anger indicates how far from your Ideal a particular situation is. Used con- structively, anger is your friend and can help you bridge to your Highest Nature.

Brain. The physical circuitry of your Soul; the memory bank of your history (this includes the past deeds of your ancestors written in your DNA).

Channel Refers to the frequency you are on; your Reality Base; the Rhythm of your Being. Your human attitude reflects the frequency you are on. Sense whether it is Uplifting and Spirited.

Clue Anything that feels less than Ideal and Purely Loving; whether it is physical, mental or emotional. The only way to Know if something is less than Ideal is to be aware of your feelings in the moment.

Control A delusion of the human condition, ego; a little way of thinking and believing. If you have a need to control, it is only a reflection of the past controlling you!

Cosmic Religiosity Living in Harmony with Natural Law in Divine Order (NLDO) Being Purely Loving every minute of every day; an open feeling of trust; joining into and embracing the opportunities potentially inherent in the Expansiveness of Infinitum.

Delusion of the Human Condition. The human perspective; an awareness of only part of the picture, and then thinking and making decisions based upon that limited view; not yet playing with a full deck.

Depression Symptom of selling your self short; anger turned inward; this is a clue that you need to voice your opinions with Love and to not let fear control what you do and don't do. It doesn't make any difference how psychologically and or physically depressed you are, You can walk your way out of the depression by taking baby steps building on your self-respect and self- Love.

Dimensions For now, we will focus on the 3rd and 4th dimensions. The 3rd dimension is the human reality; it is temporal and dense; the 4th dimension is an Eternal Reality of Essence and Energy, and has Dominion over the 3rd; because it is more than, and encompasses the 3rd. The Ultimate Goal to be reached is 7th Heaven.

Divine Creativity A thought process that is beyond intellect and based on Pure Love; a Natural Occurrence when you are One with your Ideal Loving Nature; the way for the future Healing of every person as well as the planet. Receiving ideations. Rather than thinking it up, Love it up!

Divine Heritage The inherent right and destiny of all humans to connect with their Ideal-Loving, All-Knowing Nature.

Ego A reflection of the unactualized soul; all you have until you Heal your soul. Where ego ends, Spirit begins. You need to build a Healthy ego to get beyond it, when in ego, you can’t be Spirited.

Emotions Old re-actions to new situations that usually keep you stuck in the past. Pure Love is the only Healthy emotion. The idea here is to be Purely Loving, Fresh, and Open in the Moment by not being controlled by your past.

Essence The Expanded version of the Denser Physical Object Reality; the Fine Vibration that is more Ethereal than the physical; a Bridge between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. To get to the Essence of something is to be One with It, to Feel It and to Know It. Essence can have a Feeling or a Smell. For example, when someone Senses a deceased person’s presence, even though the person who is alive can’t actually see the person who is deceased; he or she can Sense that person’s Essence.

Eternal Way. Refers to the Spirited Next Dimension that is All Encompassing and Forever. The human way is terminal, but you continue and are Eternal. Pure Love is the key to Eternal Living.

Fear. A feeling, that indicates a separation from Being in the Rhythm of Love and the Oneness of It All; a good clue to Reconnect to your Higher Nature.

Feelings. Your barometer in the moment that indicates whether something is in your Eternal Best Interest (EBI) or not. Feelings don't lie; they are connected to your Ultimate Knowing. They don't scream at you; you need to develop your Sensitivity so you don't override them. Feelings are connected to your Eternal Knowing.

Focus. Refers to staying centered on your Loving Ideal; your Highest Principle in all you do. Using the “Creative Experiencing” tapes helps you build on your focusing powers.

Forgiveness. A Natural Occurrence once you Understand the Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason (RRR) for what is happening at the human level.

Genius. Every human’s Highest Principle and Knowing; God Consciousness. You connect to your Genius when your brain circuitry is in Harmony with your Ideal. When you are no longer brain controlled, you will be connected to your Mind where your Genius resides.

Harmony (with a capital H). Refers to a Purely Loving Integration of you and all parts of who you are with the Bigger Scheme of things.

Heal (with a capital H). When the little ego self is living in Harmony with your Highest Principle, then the rest will find its own order, you will be Divinely Directed and Protected.

Highest Principle. Your Eternal, All-Knowing Consciousness, which is synonymous with your God Consciousness, based on Pure Love, Idealism, and Ultimate Wisdom. Mind-full; beyond brain; too much for brain to handle.

Human Categories. These don't exist in the Next Dimension, the Bigger Picture, and the Higher Way. A way of seeing separation and differences; the antithesis of the Reality of the Oneness, which focuses on Harmonious Similarities and cooperation; human differences are relatively insignificant when compared to our Eternal Similarities.

Human Condition. By its very nature, the human condition is incomplete. It perpetuates its own delusional reality by ignoring its Extra Senses that are on a finer, more sensitive level. It is lacking Pure Unconditional Love for self, and consequently, for others. Awareness of its shortcoming can be the impetus used to build on and develop Oneness with One’s Higher Nature.

Human Potential and Human Purpose. These are synonymous. The Ultimate Goal is to do Everything with Pure Love; to be One with the Oneness of It All in the Rhythm of Pure Love; to Heal the soul and connect with Spirit; to do all in Harmony with One’s Highest Principle; to self-actualize to a level of being one’s God Consciousness, One with the Universal Mind (UM), and with the Natural Law in Divine Order (NLDO).

Humility. A necessary ingredient to getting beyond ego; with Humility you are able to surrender control and allow your self to be Divinely Directed; before you get to Humility your ego gets broke and there is much humility with a small h; Humility is Humbling in a Wonderful way when Spirited.

Ideal. Your Higher Reality, until you are Actualized, It is a rhythm of being “as if ” all was, is, will be Perfect; a Perspective based on Wisdom.

Idealism. Refers to the pinnacle of the human potential; Eternal Lovebased premise for Living.

Illusion of the Human Condition. Seeing from a limited human perspective; an inappropriate, unrealistic way of Experiencing and Living, which omits the Biggest Part of the Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason (RRR) behind Reality.

Imagination. Can connect you to your Ideal. If done with Pure Love, you have Divine Imagination, which is more real than you know.

Individuation. Being wholly your self; actually makes you more connected (see the example of the paradox between the 3rd and 4th dimensions).

Integrated. When the different parts of your personality are all Living in Harmony with your Highest Principle, in the Rhythm of Pure Love. When you Experience the Epitome`of Integration you will literally feel all parts of your self (everything you know and have experienced) fall in and upon themselves until they all come down to One Point, **The Oneness Factor. Pure Love is the Point.** If you can visualize all parts of everything being so much in Harmony that it all boils down to one True Point. Without coming from this Point you are always somehow side stepping your Truth!

Intellect. Refers to brain circuitry; lacking in feeling; lacking a rational thought process, which amounts to no more than “info in” and “info out”; lacking Wisdom because it’s tainted with emotion.

Intuition. Also known as “Divine Intuition,” a Knowing that is beyond thought and beyond linear connection; Being in Tune with something with a sense of Oneness that gives you a Knowing that encompasses more than intellectual alone could comprehend; a Natural Occurrence when in the Rhythm of Pure Love.

It All. The gestalt (the sum of the parts is more than just the parts); the Essence of Everything Harmoniously interacting as a singular unit. Humans are part of It All; when one with It All, humans can be more than just their ego, connecting with their Universal Mind (UM).

Judging. Part of the human condition; indicates a separatist’s perspective; doesn't exist in the Higher Order of things; drains energy.

Justify. A clue that you are defending your little ego way and not living up to your own Ideal; trying to convince your self that a lower order way or truth is okay, when it can never be okay relative to your Higher Way and Wisdom. When in Pure Love you won’t have the need to justify.

Knowing (with a capital K). Beyond thinking and intellect. You are Entitled to Knowing when you have Healed your ego/soul state.

Law of Reciprocity. A Natural Law. What you give off you get back; whether that be in thought, breath, or deed. You write your own future script by what you think, do, and radiate in the moment. Karma and Law of Reciprocity are interchangeable.

Lies. Traps of self-delusion that keep people stuck in the human condition; justification for not living up to one’s own Ideal. People lie to their self first and the world second.

Live (with capital L). Refers to Higher Order Living; in tune with the Eternal Way; beyond ego; not on a slow death because you are One with and supported by the Bigger Scheme of things.

Love (with a capital L). Refers to a Higher Order and a Pure, All- Encompassing way of Being that Transcends human neediness; a Positive Emotion of the Highest Order, Frequency; a Godly Ecstatic Experience that has a Reality of its own and can’t be put into human terms; an Eternal Rhythm to learn to be One with.

Mental Feng Shui (MFS). A Process for Harmonious Integration of brain circuitry and emotions with Universal Consciousness (UC), the Eternal Way, Natural Law in Divine Order (NLDO), Oneness; a way to Heal your soul and connect to your Spirited, Purely Loving, Eternal Nature.

Mind. Your God Consciousness; your Eternal Knowing; interchangeable with Genius and Wisdom. Your Mind is beyond your brain; therefore, you must get your brain circuitry in order before you can get to your Mind.

Natural Law in Divine Order (NLDO). Everything perfectly Integrated and Harmonious; a Super-Intelligence, Purpose-Driven Energy and Consciousness; a Higher, All-Encompassing, Purely Loving Reality.

Negative. Anything that isn't the Truth; the absence of Truth; out of Harmony with Natural Law in Divine Order (NLDO). There is a Blessing to be found in every negative.

Objectivity (with a capital O). A Higher View that is beyond subjectivity (personal ego interpretation). Loving Objectivity is a Wholistic Perspective that is One with Universal Consciousness (UC), Wisdom, God Consciousness.

Oneness. All is One. To see everything as separate is a limited human view. The spirited Eternal View sees the Interconnectedness of Everything as one Living Organism.

Paradox. What looks one way from a human perspective, or 3rd dimension, looks completely different when seen from an Eternal Perspective, or 4th dimension. Humanly, for example, the end of time is the end, while Eternally, the end of time is the beginning of Living the Oneness Factor of Foreverness, which is actually beyond time and space and our Truest Nature. The Spirited View is paradoxical to the human view. Suspending judgment will help you Experience the Paradox and Evolve into the Essence, or your Eternal Nature.

Perfect. Doing all with all of your heart and soul; living consciously, refining your self everyday because of your experiences. The best you can do on an imperfect planet is to be perfect at not being perfect.

Pono. Original Purely Loving State of Being; Spiritual Well-Being; living **Aloha**. At the Heart of Mental Feng Shui (MFS).

Positive. Everything that is in Harmony with your Highest Loving Principle; the Eternal Way; anything that is in the Eternal Best Interest (EBI) of all.

Post-Traumatic Shock Syndrome. A condition basically inherent in the human condition; to experience life with a distant numb surrealistic perspective; a result of the coarse insensitivity of the human world and behavior; an adaptive mechanism for survival in a heartless world corrupted by intellect, fear, and ego neediness. All humans have Post-Traumatic Shock Syndrome to some degree.

Projection. All there is in the human reality; your soul state colors what you see and how you see it! (refer to Soul State); own everything you think is out there or in another and use it to bridge to your Ideal. Everyone projects his or her inner reality out into the world and believes it to be the Ultimate Truth. In reality, however, that projection is only that person’s momentary key to finding Eternal Bliss. So, be aware of your projections. Take them personally. At any given moment, you only know what you know. Being conscious in the moment will help you be more Loving, Understanding, and Compassionate; stretching you to levels of Love you would never think up.

Pure Love. A Love that is not dependent or contingent upon anything; a perspective you Know you have when you can maintain Being Loving in all you Think, Say, and Do. Pure Love necessitates that you Heal any level of neediness by learning to have no expectations (not even that someone likes you). Keep stretching through each human experience to become more and more Loving, Understanding, and Compassionate until you are Pure in your Love. Many times this Process will bring you to your knees before you learn to stretch and to be more than it.

React. A clue that you are stuck in the past, not conscious or purely present in the moment. To re-act is to behave as if what is happening in the moment is something from the past, rather than seeing it fresh after responding appropriately. Nothing is ever quite the same, so to Re-act as though it is the same, will keep you stuck in the past. The goal is to respond with Pure Love, which takes a level of Objectivity not found in re-acting.

Realize (with a capital R). To make Real; to manifest instead of just having the thought.

Reframe. To take anything that is going on in your life that feels like less than your Ideal and give it a different frame of reference, so that you can extricate your self from the old paradigm. An easy way to do this is to see it with Love instead of intellectually critical. You can then approach situations and feelings with less trepidation because you have given them a different meaning based on Heart, rather than just intellect.

Relativity. In and of itself, everything has no meaning; all is either relative to what it was or to your Pure Loving Ideal. The latter is in your Eternal Best Interest (EBI). Everything in this book is written relative to our Ideal Loving Nature.

Respond. Being fully present in the moment; not being controlled by your past, not re-acting. The goal is to respond freshly in the moment with Pure Love.

Rhythm. Reflective of your attitude, it affects how you think and see the world and how the world sees you. Rhythm is more observable with feelings than with human eyes. Different Rhythms have different Realities. Rhythm and Channel are interchangeable terms.

Security (with a capital S). A Sense of Knowing that all is in Perfect Order and in your Eternal Best Interest (EBI). Intellectually, knowing it all; or having it all, doesn't give you security.

Self. Your consciousness; your attitude; You! You have a Higher Spirited Self and a lower human ego self. You must nurture and Heal your little self so it can Live in Harmony with your Higher Self. Little self is spelled with a small s and your Higher Self is spelled with a capital S.

Self-Actualization. Being One with your Higher Self and Knowing by Healing your lower ego nature; Knowing and Identifying with your God Consciousness, beyond identifying with the broken parts of your self. The Ultimate Goal of being human!

Self-Aware. A Higher Order Consciousness that helps you stay in tune with your Highest Principle and Ideal Nature, by Sensing more than thinking.

Self-Conscious. A lower-order, ego-centered attitude, used to save face, to look good, and to impress others for self gain.

Self-Love. 1. Proof that one is identifying with one’s God Consciousness and being one with one’s Ideal Nature. It is only possible to Truly Love one’s Self when beyond the little ego self. Anything less is ego based, not Love based, and impossible to Love, but easily Transformed. 2. A state of Being that is beyond ego; a prerequisite of Self-Actualization. You can only Truly Love your self when you have Healed your little ego nature. Before that time, self-love is no more than egocentric arrogance. Self-love comes after learning to like your self and be your own best friend.

Self-Realization. A result of being free of brain circuitry, negative emotions, and a dependency on human sensation. Through Self-Realization, you can attain God-Consciousness, Universal Wisdom, and merge with the Oneness of 'It All' and Live in the Rhythm of Bliss.

Sense. To Experience in a way that is beyond the five human senses; also known as the 6th sense, Extra-Sensory Perception, and Knowing. You must be Fully Functioning with the five human senses before you can get to Sensing, with a capital S.

Sensitivity. You can’t be too sensitive; develop your sensitivity to feeling and experiencing all of your human senses. Sensitivity will help take you over the edge of the human delusion.

Soul. The energy of your being, also known as your little ego self; your raw, unrefined state that gives life, energy to your body. You are a lost soul until you Heal your soul’s issues, which are reflected through your emotions. A Healed soul is Spirited.

Soul Mate. A temporary partner with a shared history, whether that history be good or not so good. Many soul mates feed into and support each other’s neurotic, limiting circuitry.

Soul Purpose. To learn the human lessons by bridging from your human knowing to your Highest Purest Loving Genius and Eternal Knowing; to be Spirited (Loving) in all you Say, Think, Breathe, and Do. Once your soul has achieved this Loving Rhythm, the rest of the specifics of your life will find their own order.

Soul State. The level of refinement of your Vital Force; your Actualized Soul, old soul, or unevolved soul and every stage in between. Your feelings and sense of inner peace will indicate the state of your soul. A Completely Evolved Soul is Spirited, walking in the Rhythm of Pure Love.

Spirit. Energy that is One with the Natural Law in Divine Order (NLDO), God Consciousness; the Highest Frequency, Vibe of Pure Love that humans can become.

Spirit Mate. An Eternal Connection that is based on a Higher Order Love and perpetuating Heaven on earth; the only kind of connection that is in your and everyone else's Eternal Best Interest (EBI).

Spirited Nature. Your Highest, Purest Loving way of Being; a way of Living that puts a smile on your solar plexus and your heart; following your gut level with an open heart; your Ideal Loving Conscience; your God Consciousness; being in your Eternal Best Interest (EBI) and in the EBI of all.

Spiritual. Refers to all that is of a Perfected human nature, a harmonically all-inclusive Reality, that can be seen from the 4th dimension and above; a Higher Vibration Reality. When I first started my journey, I didn't think of it as Spiritual, but I now know it is. If the term Spiritual is bothersome to you, let it go, and let it prove itself to you, too. Just try to understand the Essence of what I am sharing, do your best, and the Bigger Scheme of things will take care of the rest. Don't fight your Self and your Innate Higher Knowing. Be open for the best.

Structural Escapism. Better known as the human reality; a universal belief system that is not of the Highest Order. It is used to rationalize and justify the status quo of the human reality; the words, concepts, and forms that make up the human view. There is much more to life than meet the human senses.

Subjectivity. Little ego view.

Ultimate Responsibility. Taking everything personally; not blaming or thinking that all in your life is being caused by something outside of your self. You only know what you only know, and it colors your world and your experiences. Be “the cause” in order to Learn and Refine your nature to a Higher Consciousness.

Vulnerability. An important ingredient to getting beyond the human condition. To be Purely Loving is to be humanly vulnerable and willing to do so. This is only possible to do when Connected and Supported by Something Bigger and Better. You must develop your Connection to your Higher Consciousness. As you do, you will have the Confidence to be more and more vulnerable, and hence, more and more Purely Loving and Connected to the Bigger Scheme of things.

White Light. The perfect balance of all colors; every color has a different vibration; when you inhale the White Light, your body absorbs the colors/ vibrations it needs to have Balance and Harmony.

Wholistic. Pertaining to being Whole; having Healed one’s soul; being One with one’s Highest Principle; being one’s Ideal; beyond Limited Perception.

Wisdom. Synonymous with Mind; the All-Knowing part of your Consciousness that is attained by Living for Goodness Sake in the Rhythm of Pure Love; not entitled to the Wisdom if you Live more for ego than the Bigger Good.

Within. Refers to being One with your Inner Center; where your Ultimate Truth lies.

Without. Not being Connected to your Center; where you feel alone and empty.

Worry. Putting more faith in the human picture and limitedness than in the Bigger Picture; giving energy to negative thinking; feeding the negative; a clue that there is room for Re-finement and that you are not Believing in your Higher Truth.

Wholistic Healing

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