The human condition is an incomplete way of being. We are Eternal Beings living in a temporal world. Humans are not playing with a full deck, being unaware of the Bigger Scheme of things that affects the Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason of what is goin on in their lives. As humans we must get beyond the delusion of the limited human view.

We definitely need to find a Bigger, more expansive way to deal with human pressures, or people are going to internally combust.

The human condition can only handle so much without short circuiting. People have this need to know, do, and see more and more.... Children are more stressed in school now than they were 30 years ago because they have so much more to learn. Everything is escalating adding to the sense that time is speeding up; more to do in less time!

Humans need to focus more on quality of life than quantity. This is where character and integrity play a bigger role than manipulation for self gain. Unfortunately, people don't really savor the time they have and make the most of it. They are too busy running off to the next source of fleeting satisfaction or commitment.

Simple, may actually end up being better, richer, and deeper! What everyone is really in search of is not to be found on the human physical level.

If you expand your consciousness, you can get a Larger View, and thus, get beyond the delusions of the limited human condition and see more than meets the human eye. You will be able to hear without your human ears; a connection to your sixth sense. You will be able to accomplish more in less time and with less effort or stress!

Helen Keller connected to this Extra Sense. So did Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Socrates, Einstein and all the other Enlightened ones who got beyond the delusions and limitations of the human condition. Pure Love is the common denominator. To get beyond the human delusion on any other channel is not in your EBI. Giving up the physical delusion for anything less than Love will never be worth it.

The more Loving you become, the more the Eternal Way will reveal itself to you. Until then, you are not ready to handle it. You would trivialize it. You would humanize (human eyes) it.

You must raise your frequency, vibration, until it is in Harmony with Natural Law in Divine Order (NLDO). Until that time, you will not be able to see beyond the human delusions.

More and more people are becoming familiar with inter dimensional realities, such as Sensing their dearly beloved relatives and friends around them who have passed on. Others are getting more in tune with synchronicity, realizing that there is a deeper meaning to who they are and what they encounter each day.

With all the changes in our reality base, there are new opportunities that most aren’t aware of yet. But I can guarantee you that there is a majorly expansive shift in consciousness taking place. The human condition is shifting into a new condition. I want to help you join into the quickly evolving Love Based Paradigm.

We are all going to Live according to Eternal Laws instead of human laws. There is a Higher Order of things that all of us are going to become more and more aware of. This is all part of the expanded consciousness. One day all will be functioning according to NLDO. All will be in tune with the Highest Principle instead of momentary neediness and consequently Healed of the lower vibratory disorders that have plagued the human condition throughout history.

Evolving into our Ideal is the only way to Live in Harmony with the Eternal Way. Otherwise the human condition is a slow death from its inception, a terminal condition not in Harmony with NLDO. This is why I want to help you bridge from wherever you are to your Ideal Highest Eternal Nature.

Click her to see how the Power of Pure Love can help Heal the human condition.

To get a better feel for the Oneness of 'It All", click here.

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