Verbal Elixirs on Love

Life without Love
Leaves one feeling empty
Look at the many ways you
Try to fill your self

No one or nothing can make you feel good
Unless you let it or them

What you think
You are

To Love another
You must first Love your self
Otherwise, how can you share
what you don't have?

You may think you have it all
But if you don't have Love Within you
You really have nothing at all!!!

Thinking is geared to logic
Feeling is geared to Love

Love and logic are sometimes incompatible

To Love without self Love
Is a dependency
Maybe even an addiction

Until one learns to Love one's self
Love from another is never
Quite believed or trusted

Love is a Feeling
Feelings have rhythm

Learn to Live the Rhythm

Everything has a frequency
"To Be" with Love
Is your Natural Vibration!

Living Pure Love
Is Peace of Mind

Love and Wisdom go together
With Love comes Wisdom

Greedy is a companion to needy

Only way to satisfaction
Is through self Love
The abundance of which is shared!

You don't have to Love what your are doing
But do it with Love

Generate good energy by doing what you do with Love
Others will benefit from the Positive Vibes

If you don't have Love in your heart
You must be diplomatic
If you do have Love in your heart
You can be Honest!

Do with Love
Not for Love

Your self is your soul

As you learn to be nicer to your soul
You will gain your Spirit

Spirit is Pure Love
It comes from the Connection
With the Bigger Picture

Spirit and Mind go hand in hand

Spirit is Sharing the Abundance of Self Love

To Connect with Spirit
You must learn to Live with
Pure Love in all you think, say, and do

We treat others the way we treat our selves

If you don't Love your self
Whe you think is Love for another
Is really FOR love FROM another

Everything has a vibration, frequency

Love has a frequency
God is Love
God and Love are the same frequency

To Be One with "It All" (God)
Be Purely Loving

Love for Something
is not Pure Love

Pure Love has no expectations

Ego and Spirit are not
on the same frequency, vibration

Pure Love can only be Shared
Once you have Loved your Self Purely

Pure Love is not physical
But does effect the physical

Life Lived is only done with Love
Otherwise it is not more than a slow death

Love is energizing and revitalizing
Anything less than Love
Is some level of dis-ease

Saying "I Love you"
Is like talking music
Share the Rhythm
It Feels Better

Sometimes the most Loving thing
Doesn't look Loving at all!

There is good Love
And there is sick love
So if dis-ease is necessary for you
To either give or receive love
It is ot the healthy one

Good sex is good sex
Love is Love
Put a Heart on!!!

Love is Love
Sex is Sex
To combine the two is Wonderful

Love for the wrong reasons breeds contempt
Love for Love breed Love

Love is easy

Love is contagious
Let's start an epidemic

Love you can't make Love
But you can share It!

If you do with Love
It works; not you

Love and Spirit are on the same channel

All have soul
But without Spirit
You have a lost soul

Your soul can identify with the negative
If you let it!!!
The choice is yours
Be with the Loving and you have Spirit
Be with the negative and you have "hell"

Once you learn the Loving Lesson
The pain goes away!

Your problems aren't an end onto themselves
Problems dealt with Love
Create your stairway to Heaven

Either you deal with the issues
Or the issues deal with you

To get past an issue
You must first learn the Lesson
Then forgiveness
Isn't an issue

To forgive another
You must first make peace with your self

Learn to be more loving
Because of what is going on

We bring things upon ourselves
To learn the Loving Lesson
Which then takes us to a more
Refined frequency of Love

Heaven and Love are on the same frequency!!!

Realize when you are frustrated
Figure out the cause
Learn the Loving Lesson

When you are in each moment with Love
You come out Wise
Not victimized

Pure Love is Feeling to the Nth Degree

All is vibration
Connect with the Greatest Vibration of all
Pure Love

Pure Love Heals

On the Loving Rhythm
There is no right right or wrong
There is just better and better

To Be more Loving from each experience
Is all one can realistically expect
Expect it and make it your life's ambition!!!

To Be more Loving
Be more open minded

Judging another is just that
To Love is to Love

If every day you learn to Love more
Your days are well spent!

If you take more than you give each day
You have missed your purpose
And probably feel unfulfilled
The eternal emptiness prevails

You don't have to be sick to get better
Just aware

You can't Truly Love anyone
Unless you Love everyone
Starting with your self

Compromise is okay
Only if you are being negative
(taking, being needy, etc.)

If you are Loving
There is cooperation
Not compromise

If you are in a Loving Rhythm
It would be a sin to compromise it!

You must have Love in your heart
It colors your world

When in the Rhythm of Pure Love
Time doesn't fly
You do!!!

All Elixirs are copyrighted. They are from "Verbal Elixirs: Thoughts to Peace of Mind; How to Have Heaven on earth", by Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen

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