Power of Pure Love Heals! It Heals everything of a lesser order. Because Pure Love has the Highest Vibration and is more powerful than anything known to man, nothing human can outpower it.

Everything has a rhythm, a vibration. Pure Love has a Vibration that is best compared to the Vibration of God. I now Know it as God, but didn't 'think' that in the beginning. In the past,The Reality of this Vibration has been beyond human comprehension or belief; but now is becoming more commonly Experienced, usually by people who have had a Death Experience.

When you are in the Rhythm of Pure Love, you will be able to 'See' forever. You will be able to 'Hear' without your human ears and 'See' without your human eyes. When you are in the Rythm of Pure love the human limitations no longer limit you. You will be able to access answers to any questions you may have!

Pure Love is the only remedy for anything that ails you. If you feel insecure, have depression, anxiety, stress, or..... The Power of Pure Love can Balance, diminish and Ultimately neutralize it to the point that whatever your symptom; it will feel like no more than a vague shadow....a distant dream! You will no longer be controlled by the lesser order of things, but will instead See the Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason underlying the human condition and conditioning!

Pure Love is the only True Healer. You can take meds for what ails you, but you know that Ultimately it doesn't make you feel like you really want to feel. Drugs get you "almost there". Pure Love does give you the Feeling you are Ultimately in search of! It is the only thing that will make you feel complete!

The Power of Pure Love is what you are Ultimately in search of and don't really know it! Most think it is money, drugs, or some other physical thing will solve all their woes; but talk to anyone who has achieved financial success and ask them if it makes them feel as good as they thought! Actually, having it all humanly actually magnifies anything within one that is less than Ideal, Purely Loving.

Because Pure Love is more powerful than any drug, person, or thing, everything human can only get you so far, leaving you with a sense of longing and yearning; a feeling of almost being there or getting 'it', whatever that 'need' is for you in the moment.

It is Important to Know that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. To Ultimately Fulfill your self you must Actualize the Spiritual and biggest part of your nature, Pure Love!

The Power of Pure Love eliminates lower order conditions. The lower order conditions are caused by the dis-ease that is inherent in being separate from your Ideal, Purely Loving Self,The Real You and Truest Purest part of your nature! Stress, pain, depression, anxiety, neediness, longing, not feeling good enough, etc. don't exist in the Rhythm of Pure Love!

When you learn to live in Harmony with the Power of Pure Love, by replacing any thoughts; feelings; and emotions that are not Purely Loving, with your Ideal alternatives, you will Realize that your old ways of thinking and experiencing are actually the foundation from where you are to discover the Best in you!

Remember, you are fine just the way you are, as long as you keep re-fining ;-)

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