_____ "Verbal Elixirs" book, $12.95 (usually $17.95)

"Verbal Elixirs, Thoughts to Peace of Mind; How to have Heaven on earth", gives you bottom line Eternal Truths that will help re-connect you to your almost lost Wisdom. It radiates Healing Energy. Just keeping it around will help raise your vibe.

_____ "Verbal Elixirs" book on CD's $29.95 (usually $45)

"Verbal Elixirs" book on CD's, (4) 1-hour CDs will help you understand the Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason underlying the human condition. The book in depth with added Insights.

_____ "The Power of Pure Love: Mental Feng Shui" book, $14.95 (usually $20)

"The Power of Pure Love" is a Consciousness Raising Handbook, a Pathway to Enlightenment, a Transformational Guide.

"Creative Experiencing" CDs, $10 each

Each "Creative Experiencing" CD is an active meditation and visualization. Their purpose is to help you re-Connect to your Ideal, the Power of your Mind, while in a deep meditative state....they are very effective for relaxation, gaining deep insights, making deep lasting changes; and for connecting with the Genius in you.

_____ Relaxation/Being Your Ideal

“Deep Relaxation” teaches you the basic breathing and visualization techniques. On the other side “Developing your Ideal” helps you strengthen your Ideal Nature and build on your identifying with it. This will leave you with a Feeling of Connection, a Peace and Sense of Security and Well-Being!

_____ Beginning of the Day/End of the Day

“Beginning of the Day” will help reinforce you staying in a Higher state of Mind throughout your day. The “End of the Day” helps you make the most of your day by seeing what refinements you could make and then plugging them into your sub-conscious, so that they take hold for the future. Extremely helpful for changing daily habits.

_____ Meeting Your Spirit Guides/Getting into Nature

“Meeting Your Spirit Guides” helps connect you with your Higher Knowing. “Getting into Nature” will expand your consciousness in ways not yet experienced!

_____ Healing

"Healing" is a wonderful visualization and experience to help you Heal your self psychologically and physically.

Personal Moon Cycle Calendar

_____ Personal Moon Cycle Calendar

Your Personal Moon Cycle Calendar will help you live in harmony with the Moon Cycles and Bigger Scheme of things. You will be less likely to get 'lost' and caught up in your day. You will have an added Objectivity when dealing with daily issues.

Each monthly calendar page gives the exact times for you and your time zone for void of course, full moon, new moon; as well as daily aspects for you and for everyone in general. You can purchase just one month or the whole year.

You can also get a more in depth calendar with written interpretations of the over view for the month, a daily report on intensity of emotional and physical energy for your birth sign.

Your Moon Cycle Calendar is emailed to you. (At the present time the calendars are not available in hard copy.)

Remember that I do need your Birth place, time, date, and year.

If you want me to do your Spirit Read Chart, you can choose your option by scrolling to the bottom of the page....

Birth Date, Time, Place, Year


______Get Creative Solutions for everything

If something in your life doesn’t make sense; if certain situations keep recurring and you don’t understand why; if something is missing in your life and you don’t know what it is or how to get it; if you have physical symptoms and would like to gain "Insight" as to the underlying reasons……or?

Find the Solution, Balance, to anything in your life that feels less than Ideal.

You learn to be your own Healer by getting the "Insights"

_____ Spiritual Consulting
Individual session for problem solving, conflict resolution, and/or Healing.

_____ Spiritual Coaching
On going support and insights to help facilitate your Spiritual Process.

_____ Spiritual Psychotherapy
On going in depth analysis. Helpful for Transforming outdated, deep seeded habits and ideations.

_____ Spirit Read for You
Recorded Insights describing what your Divine Purpose is for being human. Learn Keys for you to "personally" see old situations and your self with a non-judgmental perpsective; as well as re-connect to your Truest Nature, finding Peace, Love, and Joy!

_____ Spirit Read for your Pet
Insights to help gain a knowing of what to do to help your pet be as happy as it can be. You and your pet influence one another! Help your self; help your dog.....help your dog;help your self!


I now personally accept credit card payments or you can choose to use the above PayPal links.

Let me help you be all that you can be!

Contact Yvonne

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