Mind Power: Find Real Happiness

To find Real Happiness is an innate longing that every person has. Real Happiness, once found, is Eternal!

Real Happiness is a state of Mind not a state of brain. Tap into the Power of your Mind to have it all!

Mind over matter works! Brain over matter doesn't.

You can learn to find Real Happiness, connect to the Wisdom of your soul; and become your own support system and Healer, by Connecting to the Power of Your Mind.

My Death Experience Revealed Eternal Truths and the way to find Real Happiness! Real Happiness isn't dependent or contingent upon anything outside of your Self.

It is your God Given Right and Purpose to Be One with and in Harmony with your Ideal. Your Ideal Self is Spirited and The Truest Purest part of who you are!

Be One with your Ideal and you will be One with "It All"; hence, have "It All"!

When I died, I Realized that I didn't have a brain or body, but I was still me! Our Mind is who we Truly are, but most are so brain controlled that they are not aware of the Power of their Mind!

Where brain leaves off, Mind begins. Intellect will actually hold you back! This is a similar concept to where ego ends, Spirit begins! When you find the Balance to any negative brain circuitry you will connect to the Power of your Mind.

Ego and brain work together. Mind and Spirit are are One. From my Death Experience I Know we are Eternal, that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. It is important that we all learn to identify with our Truest Purest Essence while still in a body. Love Love Love is the way. Now to learn how to Be more Loving than you can possibly imagine!

Pure Love Heals all!!! When you are in the Rhythm of Pure Love you can Understand Everything that you need to understand. Then there is no dis-ease. The body has a natural propensity to heal itself. It can, as long as the dis-ease is kept to a minimum! But we will get more into that later;-)

After my Death Experience in 1984, Miracles have been part of my everyday life. When I died I wasn't sick at all. I did find Real Happiness. I was having the best time of my life! And then to top it off I connected to God Consciousness, Universal Mind, The Eternal Way, Nirvana, Heaven, the Oneness of "It All". You get the essence. It surpassed anything that I could have dreamt up in my wildest dream. Since I came back into my body I have retained the Perspective I had when out of my body!

It is now time for me to share the Magic with you!

I would Love to help you reconnect to the Ideal part of your Nature, the Real You, where Real Happiness is found. I have the ability to "SEE" how each person can get in touch with the Ideal part of their nature, so that they too can Truly Find Real Happiness.

Inspirational quotes and motivation from an Eternal Perspective will help you See things more objectively and get a deeper understanding about what is preventing you from finding Real Happiness and how to fix it.

I will share ways for you to find Creative Solutions to anything that feels less than uplifting.

Learn to be Mind directed and not brain controlled, to connect to the Wisdom of your soul, to become your own support system and Healer; and to thrive through 2012 and beyond.

I am a degreed Spiritual Psychotherapist, radio talk show producer and host for 8 years throughout the Hawaiian Islands, author of 2 books; several "Creative Experiencing" cd's, that are active meditations, to help facilitate your journey; and much more....

Along with counseling, therapy, and coaching; I also do "Spiritual Reads" as I am a Spiritual Intuitive and Healer.

By incorporating the info at this website, you WILL find Real Happiness and your way HOME!

Click on a tab that interests you.

Remember to bookmark this page. I continually add new Awesome info......

You can contact me at: Yvonne@find-real-happiness.com

All material is copyrighted....to use any of this material; get permission, give credit, and link to this website.

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yvonne vnuk nielsen
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Dr. Love View© will help you get the answers and find the "Gift" to anything in your life that is less than Ideal in your life!
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