Common Sense isn't common anymore
because intellect has taken over the Wisdom of your Heart.

These days, Wisdom sounds cliche` because everyone is so detached from their Real Self and Feelings. From a human view, Spirit seems like it belongs in a dream world. From a Spirited Perspective, humans are stuck in ego and can't get past their delusions of grandeur; blocking their Eternal Vision and Knowing.

Your Common Sense is the Wisdom of your soul and is 'In Tune' with Natural Law in Divine Order. It has been replaced by intellect! We all initially Know the "Right" answer but then are taught to 'think' about it. We need to get back to Home Base so that each one of us is "In Tune" with the Wisdom of our soul once again! You will have a sense of Security and Happiness when you get back to your Center that is not possible to attain any other way. The key here is to not talk or'think' yourself out of your "Knowing". Your Commmon Sense will connect you to your Wisdom if you learn to follow It and continually keep re-fining; but most people are trying every external venue possible to attain this Higher Level of Happiness and Security, whether that be through a relationship, food, drugs, or obsessions over on thing or another! What you are looking for is already within you!

Where ego ends, Spirit begins!!!

You want to get beyond your conditioning so that you can reach your Full Potential. It is in your Eternal Best Interest (EBI) to heal your ego by getting back 'In Tune' with your Spirited, Ideal Self and Knowing. You do this by feeling more than 'thinking'. You will learn to think in a more Wholistic way by allowing your self to get thoughts, instead of just regurgitating what you have been taught or what you 'think' to be true from past experiences. Which ever way you want to look at it, the way you have been is no more than re-acting!

Instead being so sure that you know everything or trying to control outcomes that only serve you, allow your self to be Open to the Possibilities; then you will be able to Experience a "Joy" and "Happiness" that are More than you can yet conceive. By controlling you are holding your self back, only to re-create what was!

Your Common Sense may not seem logical in the moment. That is because it is beyond human logic. It encompasses the Eternal Perspective. The Eternal Perpective makes Sense out of everything in the human realm; but the egocentric perspective is too limited to understand the Eternal Way! When you learn to Live in Harmony with the Eternal Way you will Understand the Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason of underlying your human experiences; giving you Peace of Mind and Knowing you have Connected with Real Happiness!

To make the most of your life and time on planet earth, you want to be fresh in the moment. To do that you must Be in the Rhythm of Pure Love. Then, you can make the best decisions that are in your EBI and in the EBI of all!

No judging is involved in following the Wisdom of your soul. Because it is beyond ego, ego and old brain circuitry will have a tendency to want to control everything and hold you back in the old fading staus quo.....don't let your self get stuck in the past. Anytime you are feeling less than Ideal, remember that is a clue that there is more for you. The only way to feel safe during this transitional time is to proceed in the most Loving Rhythm possible. Meditate at least 3 times a day to help transition from ego and intellect (feeling less than Ideal); to Being Spirited and following your higher Knowing, Common Sense.

Initially it feels risky following your Common Sense because much of the time it defies human logic and doesn't look compatible with the human way we have become so acustomed to. We have all been programmed to follow the status quo and to be liked. Doing anything that puts those two human premises at risk will leave you initially feeling tenuous; that is, until you 'See' that you will have a settled feeling within your being that was missing when you were just following the human program! Again, these new ways of responding must be based in the Rhythm of Pure Love; in your Eternal Best Interest and the EBI of all, beyond egocentricity; in order for you to be able to test out the Higher Order Way with the lest amount of unnecessary stress. Get into the mindset of doing everything with all of your Heart and Soul.....this will get you to your Ideal Spirited Nature!

Your Ultimate Goal here is to follow your gut level with an open heart, so that your thinking is Love Based instead of controlled by your ego and brain circuitry. Following your Common Sense by learning the underlying lessons will help you heal your little ego ways and limited brain circuitry; and to Ultimately join into the Bigger Eternal Scheme of things.

Meditate Meditate Meditate..... "Creative Experiencing" CD's can help facilitate your changes from ego to Spirit.....from being brain controlled to Being One with the Wisdom of your Mind, being Divinely Directed and Protected. You will become more Spirited as you learn to be more Loving, Understanding and Compassionate because of what you are going through!

Check out how meditation, 'Creative Experiencing', can help you get in tune with your Common Sense.

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