Death Experience Reveals Eternal Truths!

I had a Death Experience in 1984. I didn't almost die. I died! I wasn't sick at all! I was having the best day of my life!!!

My friend Goodie and I were spending a long weekend in NYC and having an absolutely wonderful time. We went for breakfast and then to our room to pack and return home. As we neared the room I felt a little dizzy and nauseaus; and then when we entered the room, I Died.......

I sat in a chair and in a split second I felt literally sucked out of my body!!!!

Instantaneously I felt better than I could've ever imagined!

I was in the Rhythm of Pure Love with none of the gravity of earth!!! OMG!!!

I was One with God, the Light,
all that was, is, and will ever be;
All in Perfect Harmony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I looked back at my body and said, "If you can't keep up with me, I have to much to do!" I was off and flying!!! Then I saw my friend sitting on the bed. She was in a state of shock! She was stopped in time. I thought to myself that I couldn't leave her there with my body to take care of! Then I saw what my daughter's life would be like if she didn't experience the Magic of Hawaii, the Aloha Spirit. I no longer had the Peace I had had before the death happened. I Knew I had to come back or I would no longer have Eternal Peace of Mind!

In another split second I was sucked back into my body!!! It took every bit of my energy and attention just to keep my body up and balanced. My friend finished packing our things, ordered a cab, and then helped me get to the cab. During this time I wasn't aware of anything, other than trying to get to the airport and keeping my body up!

When we got to the airport, Goodie sat me down and went to take care of the seating and tickets. It was so hard to keep myself in an upright balanced position, that it felt like my eyes were open sooooo wide that they must have been popping out of my head! I remember a man walked by and smiled, and then I Realized that I could SEE what was going on behind me!!!! I thought to myself, "I don't have eyes in the back of my head, how can I SEE back there?" And then I Realized I knew where all the people were going, and I don't mean just on the planes! I mean I Knew their Whole Life's Journey! I was SEEING without my human eyes!!!! I was HEARING without my human ears!!!Then I Connected to Helen Keller! I Understood how she got beyond her supposed handicaps!!! I Realized that there is no such thing as a handicap, just another Way!!!

That was just the beginning of my Revelations!!!! I continue to Function with this Eternal Perspective and Knowing.

Before that Death Experience, I had meditated on being One with my Ideal Self for 10 years!

I stayed in an Ideal state of Mind with all of my heart and soul 24/7.
I mean that literally....
I did everything with Pure Love, or I didn't do it!
Then, on that Fateful day, I Connected with the Light Fantastic!

All that I had hoped to be True, was Proven to Be True to me!
It continued to Prove itself to me over the years
until I Had to Believe it!
I didn't want to Believe what was all "Revealed" to me,
because it seemd to unreal, too good to be True!
I would've felt stupid if I believed in something so Fantastic!
But then it got to the point where I thought to myself,
if I didn't Believe I would be stupid!

I no longer need to meditate!
I Know you too can BE ONE with "IT ALL"
in the Rhythm of Pure Love

That doesn't mean that I don't continually deal with earthly issues.....I am still here on planet earth!

The difference is, I no longer have a human perspective as my primary view!
I have the same All-Knowing Perspective as when I was Dead!
I also need to keep by body up and moving. It is a challenge, but I Feel Compelled to share the Wisdom that was Revealed to me during and after that Death Experiece!

I just need to help you Believe ;-)

We all have death experiences of all kinds. Some are more dramatic than others.
Death experiences are new beginnings more than endings!

We are all going to die. So, it is your Eternal Best Interest to take that into consideration when living your life!

If you have had a Death Experience and feel like a new version of your old self, or feel completely new; you may want to have a "Spirit Read" done.

I was shocked, when after 27 years I did my own Spirit Read for the first time, since I came back into my body! It validated everything!

I have a feeling you too will feel more comfortable with who you are now, after your Death Experience, by being exposed to the Eternal Truths about You!

I am always here for you ;-)

Death Experience: Eternal Perspective

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