The Eternal Perspective will help you Understand the differences between the human way and the Higher Way, so that you can consciously Live in your Eternal Best Interest; because it makes sense to you, not just because someone is telling you to do it!

This is an Inter-dimensional adventure where you will Ultimately See and Understand the meaning and purpose of the human condition and the Experiences that go with it. You will connect with a Higher Knowing, a Total Experience that is more than just human. You will step into the next dimension where all is One---all that was, is, and will be. You will connect with Universal Mind, the Oneness of "It All" in the Highest Order of Pure Love.

When you are able to "See" with Pure Love, you will have an Eternal Perspective that is so all encompassing that it will fill you up in a way that nothing human can. From this Pure and non-judgmental frame of reference, you will be able to better understand what is really going on on the human level. You will be "In Tune" with the Underlying Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason of the human reality and See how it relates to Eternity!!!

Human beings are wiser and more refined than ever. Everyone seems to know what not to do in order to impress others and project a good image, but that's not enough to give you Peace of Mind. From an Eternal Perspective, you want to be as sure of what to do as what not to do. This is a proactive time, a time of Being Good for Goodness Sake as well as a time of being Good for nothing.

You will Understand the Paradox between your ego-centric take on things and your Spiritual View. What looks one way from a human perspective, or 3rd dimension, looks completely different when seen from an Eternal Perspective, or 4th dimension. Humanly, for example, the end of time is the end, while Eternally, the end of time is the beginning of Living the Oneness Factor of Foreverness, which is actually beyond time and space and is our Truest Nature. Remember, the Spirited View is paradoxical to the human view. Suspending judgment will help you Experience the Paradox and Evolve into the Essence, or your Eternal Nature.

You will laugh at how you treated your self before you connected with the Bigger Picture. You will see how most humans make choices that are not in their Eternal Best Interest (EBI) and set their selves up Eternally. Once connected to the Oneness, you will have a burning desire to help others see with their Eternal Perspective, too!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to get to a state of consciousness that is uplifting, peaceful, joyful, blissful, secure, and consistently on a level of Ecstasy? This Truest Purest State of Being is your original State of Consciousness. I am going to help you achieve that state of consciousness and get you to Experience the Eternal Perspective so you can get beyond the delusion of the human condition.

Developing your Lovingness is the way to "See" with your Highest Purest Perspective. Your Purest View is untainted by the limited thinking of the human condition.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, we as humans are all on a journey of Healing our soul and achieving this level of Pure Love. This journey of Ultimate Self Awareness, of Healing your soul, can be the grandest adventure you ever take, that is, if you don't miss the Ultimate opportunity to Transform your thinking from the limited human view into the Loving Eternal Perspective and Knowing.

As you get beyond being controlled by the neediness inherent in the human condition, you will actually transcend time and space, Experience the Oneness, and gain Ultimate Wisdom and Understanding of all you want and need to understand. Nothing on the human level can compare with the Ecstasy of Living in the Rhythm of Pure Love and Ultimate Knowing. We will get into the specifics of Pure Love later, but for now just be aware that it is much different than any human love you may have experienced so far.

The only way to do this is to change limited thinking. Limitation is terminal as is the physical condition. Identifying with anything less than your Ideal causes handicaps and creates the terminal condition.

Either you are one with the human view and reality, which is terminal, or you are one with the Eternal View, which is the antithesis of terminal.

Throughout each day, check regularly to see whether you are living like a robot, following old limiting lower order ways, or whether you are being Spiritually Spontaneous and in Harmony with your Highest Loving Principle. The first is terminal; the second is in your Eternal Best Interest (EBI). You have to choose which set of principles you will Live according to.

All is One. To see everything as separate is a limited human view. The spirited Eternal Perspective "Sees" the Interconnectedness of Everything as one Living Organism; the Ultimate Experience and Proof the you have Healed your ego and joined the Bigger Scheme of things!

Check out the "Oneness Factor" to better Understand the Eternal Perspective.

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