Your attitude effects everything!!!!! Did you know that you can change it in a split second, if you really want to?

You are more than just your thoughts, body and emotions. You are an Eternal Point of Awareness. You have the power to Be Happy, no matter what. Real Happiness is Eternal and not contingent nor dependent upon anything physical. In other words, there really is no good enough reason not to be happy. Your attitude colors how and what you SEE! If you don't like what you see you may need an attitude adjustment. The best way is to open your heart more. There are numerous ways to open your heart and enhance your attitude. ***CHECK THE POWER OF PURE LOVE When you learn to be more Loving, Understanding, and Compassionate because of what is going on you will be able to maintain a healthy frame of mind. Meditating will facilitate that process by helping you understand your frame of mind in all its depth!


Plug In These 9 Concepts And You Will Find Real Happiness

If you go through you day mindlessly you are setting yourself up to be a victim of circumstance. The only way not to be a victim of the moment is to approach your day from a sense of a Abundance. To do that, you need to be able to genuinely Love your self first. That takes being aware that you are more than your little ego self. You will first be able to Love your self when you are no longer controlled by your little ego self. Until that time, Loving your self will not feel comfortable.

1) You want to be able to Love your self. Start your day by looking your self in the eye (literally in a mirror) with Love. If it feels uncomfortable, with Love ask your self 'why' it feels uncomfortable. Hopefully you will get and 'insight'; but if not, you can Be 'as if'. (that's where I was when I started my journey to "In-lightenment".) To Be 'as if', is to re-build your Ideal Authentic Self.

As you build on your Ideal Authentic Self, you will get Insights that help you become Wise. Everyone gets 'In-sights' but the 'Insights' don't scream at you. So, because we are all so consumed by getting things done, most lose the 'Insight' in the midst of the everyday chaoticism of present day life.

2) Approach your day with pure love by being aware of your attitude as you proceed through your day. Check every 10 minutes to see what rhythm you are on. You can build on your Ideal attitude by taking 3 deep breaths (inhaling the "white light" slowly and deeply through your nose and exhaling the tension through your mouth.) Then, be aware of what you were doing or thinking. Replace any less than Ideal Loving thoughts, feeling and actions with Higher Minded ones. If you don't have time in the moment, write them down so that you can go through this process with your 'Ideal' or 'End of the Day' "Creative Experiencing CD when you have more time later in the day.

3) Know 'why' you are going through your daily experiences. Know your impetus (what is the underlying reason for your actions and what is your goal? Be aware if your goal is in the eternal best interest of all. If not, you will somehow be building bad karma. You want to be on a Higher Frequency because there is a reality that correlates to each frequency. I am sure you want to be in a reality that feels positive and mutually enhancing. You need to live in that reality now. It is what it is; body or no body; but while in a body you can establish how you want to live eternally.

4) Be aware of your *feelings. Your feelings are your barometer to how far or close you are to your Ideal. Check every 10 minutes.

5) Use the *power of your breath to get to your center and your Higher Knowing....and to stay there!

I6) Make it your Goal to be more more Loving, Understanding and Compassionate because of what you have gone through. This will help you build and maintain your Ideal Attitude.

7) The only way to find real happiness and have Peace of Mind is to Live in the Eternal Best Interest of all. We are one big extended family and all interconnected. Even if no one sees what you do or don't do, it still has an effect on everyone and you still build karma; either good or not so good.

8) You can have Peace of Mind and find Real Happpiness by consciously doing your best every moment of every day. Any little thing that is not your best will diminish your Peace of Mind and Happiness. Here is where being aware of your feelings will help you become your Ideal Joyous Self. No judging....your are fine just the way you are...but you can always keep re-fining as long as you are in a body!

9) You will want to meditate at least 3 times a day to help your self Understand your less than Ideal attitudes. Please check out my "Creative Experiencing" CD's. They will help you heal your ego and to re-Connect with the Truest part of your nature, where Real Happiness Lives!

To have more power over your attitude, check out the Power of Pure Love

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