The Effects of Solar Flares On You
What to Do About It

Solar flares are at an all time high during 2012 and 2013. Sun Spots cause Solar eruptions,(solar flares). They affect earth's electro-magnetic field, causing disruptions in the normal flow of things. These solar surges magnify and disrupt things, similar to electrical power surges that can ruin computers if they aren't plugged into a power surge protection strip. Earth disruptions like severe storms, earth quakes and volcanoes are triggered by the solar flares. All types of electrical and technical systems are also affected; the most minor being cell phone and GPS disruptions. At the worst, the whole electrical power grid could be affected, bringing everything to a halt.

You too are affected by solar flares. All humans are electro-magnetic sensitive. It is well known that the sun and moon affect the tides. They also affect every one of us.* Whether you are conscious of it or not you are affected psychologically, physically and emotionally. Most people are not conscious of this fact. (Two simple examples: Around a full moon there are more people admitted to psychiatric wards and police get more calls due to the escalation in fights and accidents.)

Solar flares affect us in subliminal ways. The most obvious is losing your train of thought. It will be harder to stay focused due to the disruptions in the airwaves. You may also experience unusual physical symptoms like maybe feeling unique muscle pain or headaches when you normally don't, but most of all you will experience a vague sense of disorientation making it harder to feel like you are able to hold things together. This may be experienced through increased physical muscle tension, magnified or fluctuating emotions and

If you attempt to intellectually get through this period of intensity, the solar flares should last throughout 2012 and into 2013, you will find yourself struggling; because it will be almost impossible to keep any sense of cohesiveness if you are only using your intellect. This unsettling feeling can lead to an increase in addictive behaviors if you aren't aware that this is all happening to help you stretch, expand your consciousness.

Remember that intellect will hold you back, looking at old cause and effects; linking you to the past! Now is the time to link to the future. History fell off the shelf. This is a new time in time!

We as humans have a natural propensity to survive and heal ourselves, so the more stress and adversity the greater the propensity for greater achievement. Ask anyone...after they have gone through tougher times, they can see how it made them a better person and wouldn't trade the experiences for anything. Keep that in mind as you go through times in your life, when it feels like you aren't being supported. You will achieve something that you wouldn't otherwise achieve. You are never given more than you can handle, even if it seems that way in the moment. It is the way of the Cosmos, helping you Achieve your soul's Purpose. Embrace what is going on. Use your Divine Imagination, by being in a Loving Rhythm, when you "See" how what is going on is in your Eternal Best Interest. This is how you re-fine your brain circuitry to be in Harmony with the Eternal Way.

During this time of increased solar flares is when you want to make sure you get your brain circuitry to be in harmony with your Higher Knowing/Mind. Feeling Ideal (one with your Purest Truest Nature, the Core of your Being, your Wisdom and Oneness with the Eternal Way, Natural Law in Divine Order, God) is your "Only Way" to finding lasing Peace of Mind on this planet and especially through these upcoming challenging times. As long as you are using whatever isn't feeling Ideal to find how to link it to becoming your Ideal you will Feel better and have more Peace than if you don't. You will feel like you are actually getting somewhere of lasting significance, which overrides everything of a lower order.

Your Ideal is Purely Loving. It is your Ultimate Mission to Transform any brain circuitry that is less than Purely Loving. This amounts to healing your soul and becoming Spirited! You want to make all of your observations and decisions from a Purely Loving Perspective (from your gut level with an open heart); anything less will cause anywhere from slight discomfort to downright stress and panic, depending on the disparage between your Ideal and your present attitude. Remember that Pure Love and the Wisdom that comes with it has a Reality that is in tune with The Eternal Way and overrides everything of a lower order. Pure Love does Heal everything of a lower order and everything other than Pure Love is of a lower order.

Every attitude has a rhythm. Every rhythm has a reality. An angry resentful attitude has a much different reality than a happy one. You can be exposed to the same situation, but you will see and experience it differently depending upon your attitude; consequently, you will make different decisions. The solar flares will help you get in touch with the brain circuitry that isn't in tune with your Purely Loving Self.

You goal during these intense times stimulated by the solar flares, is to Transform from where you are to your Ideal, because of what you are being forced to deal with.

The only way to get through these intense and changing times is to be in a Purely Loving Rhythm so you can make your decisions with Love, otherwise fear will rule the day and your future. There is a positive and negative in everything; so when you feel scared or angry or stressed; know that it is a clue that there is a Higher View for you, a positive to the negative. But, you must be feeling to be aware that you are less than Ideal. Intellect will hold you back.....feeling will help free you from the limited human perspective.

Meditating with my "Creative Experiencing" CD's helps speed up your Transformational process. You can also use the Power of your breath, by inhaling the Pure White Light Energy from the ethers and exhaling the tension, to help you get beyond the constraints of the daily earthly stresses.

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This website is focused on helping you become your Ideal by being conscious of what doesn't feel Ideal in the moment and then seeing how it IS I-deal, Eternally speaking; by learning the Loving lesson of the moment. This process helps you stretch your consciousness from what you have been programmed into believing, to your Higher Knowing. (Check out the Glossary "Ideal" to get a better feeling for what it is.) This also helps you get in tune with the Eternal Way and Perspective.

If 2012 is predicted to be the end of something monumental, then all of these solar flares and related phenomena make "Perfect Sense".

If you use what is going on to help you achieve Peace of Mind/Real Happiness, then all of this can get you to "See" more than meets the human eye and to get In Tune with the Eternal Way and Scheme of things.....where Real Happiness and True Joy is found!

*I will be adding several pages on how to live One with the Bigger Scheme of things by being in Harmony with the moon cycles (this will help give you the Objectivity you need so that you can see things more symbolically and consequently take things less literally...the info will help you make the most of your valuable time, relieve stress, and to be less judgmental with what is or isn't going on in your life.

Check back often as I keep adding Mind expanding information ;-)

Contact me if you want help dealing with the energy from the solar flares

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