Dreams, whether they be the ones you have at night
or the ones you have while daydreaming,
are more Real than you yet know!!!
They are your Super Consciousness trying to get through to you!

You have your normal consciousness. It is what you now think is reality.

You also have a sub-conscious. It motivates much of what you think, say, and do; but you aren't aware of it because it is sub-conscious. This is why many times you find yourself doing or saying things you would prefer not to be doing!

You also have a Super Consciousness. It is your Connection to the Bigger Picture and the Eternal Way, your God Connection. It is your MIND and is where your TRUE POWER resides!!! This is the part of yourself, that causes you guilt when you are doing less than your Ideal!

Your dreams come from your Super Consciousness
and are your Connection to the Divine!

They are usually not to be taken literally. They speak in symbolic terms. Their purpose is to help you Realize who you Really are, so you can Live in Tune and in Harmony with It. Different people or characters are usually symbolic representations of different aspects of yourself. The mood and tone have to do with your emotional state of being.

You have an Ideal Rhythm, how you would feel if you felt that everything in your life was in Perfect Order. It is your Original Ideal State of Being. When you are One with that frame of Mind, you will Know you are HOME. Then your body has a Natural Propensity to Heal itself! You will then have Mental Feng Shui.**

Dreams are your Window to getting to be your Ideal God Self. You need to use your Divine Imagination to access the Symbolism of your Heart in order to interpret them. That takes using the, "Creative Experiencing" CD, "Being Your Ideal", to get into your Purely Loving Rhythm. You only want to interpret them from a Purely Loving Perspective. The higher your perspective, the more you can get from them.

The less loving you are, the more fearful and judgmental you will tend to be. Then you won't get much from your dream interpretation and it won't feel Divine. It does take awhile to get the Rhythm of doing this, but just know that on this journey, Best is in the Moment and Better is Yet to come! You will keep getting better and better, Knowing you are doing your best in the moment.

Click on dreams if you would like for me to help you with interpretations.

To Know that your are doing your best;
you must do what you do with all of your heart and soul!
Then you will have Faith.

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