What will Happen in 2012
Find Real Happiness

No matter what does or doesn't happen you will find real happiness, if you truly want to.

What will happen in 2012? Many think it is the end of time!

Well, it is the end of time!!!!
But that doesn't mean what you 'think' it does!
Remember, if you want to find real happiness,
thinking will hold you back!
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The qualifier here is that what will happen in 2012 will be the end of time as we have known it!

If you think about it, time has been speeding up all along.... and on top of that, we are all now on information overload!

We have reached a time of shift in critical mass! What does that mean?

It means that to be able to keep up with what will happen in 2012 and beyond, you will need to make some adjustments in how you live and approach your daily life. That is, if you want to find Real Happiness!

Since everything is speeding up, you will need to find a way to process and deal with more and more information, in what feels like less and less time from 2012 and beyond!

That means if you want to find Real Happiness
(walk in Peace, Love, and Joy),
you will have less time to stay depressed, angry, or in any other 'lesser than Ideal' state of brain.

Time speeding up has an effect on karmic payback too! In the past, if you did something wrong/negative you may not have had to pay a price for it, thinking you got away with something.

First of all, I want you to be aware that you Ultimately never get away with anything on this planet. The payback used to come at the moment of death and then in the next lifetime!

Right now, the payback is almost immediate!
This is Wonderful, if you want to find real happiness and get through what will happen in 2012 and beyond!

Everything is also intensifying; the good as well as the bad!
Earthquakes are more frequent and intense, hurricanes are bigger and more volatile, and there are more riots and uprisings!

At the same time, there is also a more magnified and intensified way for you to become your Ideal that wasn't as available before!
If you are on the 'right' path, you will feel it more intensely than ever.
It will be easier to listen to your Higher Inner Voice and follow the Eternal Clues!
You will be more sensitive to what is not in your Eternal Best Interest!
(we will get more into those clues later)

Have you noticed that the dimensions are blending? More and more people are communicating one way or another with their deceased Loved ones!
In the past, people were considered crazy if they did that!
People who see dead people now are considered celebrities, not crazy!

These are just a few examples and should give you a relative essence of how much things have already shifted and in what direction they are headed.

I don't need to convince you of anything. It is quite obvious that things aren't the way they were.

I am sure you have notice that the old ways of finding security don't work the same either.
They don't quite hit the right spot! Most people haven't come to that Realization yet!
They just keep trying harder and harder to make things work and feel the way they used to.
This is keeping them stuck in the past.

"For all Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason,
the past is history;
and history fell off the shelf!"
(from "Verbal Elixirs: Thoughts to Peace of Mind,
How to Have Heaven on Earth)"
by Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen

We need to find Real Happiness, not just momentary pleasures to distract us temporarily.

From now on we all need to be more in tune with the Bigger Scheme of things and not just our own little ego wounded reality; that is, if we want to be able to deal with what will happen in 2012.

A fun way to look at this new time in time is:
Things that worked before, won't work now!
But, things that didn't work before, can work now! Go out there and let your Loving Uniqueness shine on through and see how differently your life goes! See your life as an experiment to give your self the right to test out Being the Real You! Remember, though, that the Real You is Purely Loving!

This is the beginning of a new time in time!
Being your Ideal is the way of the future.
It may not have worked in the past, but it can work now!
It is the time of Idealism!

We all need to be grounded within a Reality that is Eternally Good by the end of 2012.
When the clock strikes 12, or sooner, you may be stuck in the paradigm that you are in.
Everything on the human level is temporary.
You need to join into a Reality that is Eternally Consistent.

Bottom line:The only way to find Real Happiness and feel safe through these changing times and what will happen in 2012, is to do everything with Heart, Pure Love.
Then, it won't really make any difference what will happen in 2012, because you will be in the right Rhythm!.

You need to Be You, your Purest Essence, and let it shine on through with all its Spiritedness in everything you say, think and do!!!

The KEY: You need an Eternal Perspective in order to handle the information overload, acceleration of time, and the intensification/magnification of all that is!

How do you get that Eternal Perspective without dying? (in the past that was the only way) It is actually very easy. The only issue is that the human condition makes it hard.
So once you get beyond that conditioning, you will fly ;-)

I will share how to follow the clues to find Real Happiness and to know what will happen in 2012 for yourself in the next post.
LINK to 'wholistic healing'.

You will want to get in tune with Eternal Truths. Everytime you do, you will have an "Aha" moment! To help you get your "Aha" moments and breakthroughs, this site is filled with Eternal Truths from every angle possible. This way no matter where you are on your journey there will be something for your to connect with and have break-throughs to find Real Happiness.

Are you getting a better feel for what will happen in 2012? I hope you are getting the feeling that the only way to find Real Happiness and keep it, is to Realize that it is the time of Idealism. Anything less than your Ideal will bring with it some type of negative payback.

See for your self.
Do your own research!
Be aware in the moment
and sense if what you are doing feels Ideal or not.

Understand that as bad as it feels (whatever you are doing, thinking, or emoting) in the moment,that that is as far from your Ideal it is!
If you feel a little off, whatever your are doing, thinking, or emoting is not far from your Ideal; but if you feel really bad, then there is a Big Insight waiting to be Realized, the Gift in the moment!
Those Insights make everything you have ever been through worth it to the Nth degree!

Your feelings are your borometer.
Make them relative to your Ideal
not your wounded ego self!

"Everything in and by itself has no meaning!!!
You give it meaning!
Relativity is all there is!!!"

"Whenever you sell your self short, don't believe or live up to your Ideal; you will know by how you feel, that you did not find Real Happiness!
BUT, there is a Big Insight and Gift in the moment waiting to set your free from your past and reconnect you to your Ideal!

I will be adding new information regularly, so bookmark this site.
Check back frequently.

To help you find Real Happiness and to deal with what will happen in 2012, I will also be adding a page with my services and products, but thought it was more important to get this information out to you first ;-)

7 Questions & Survival Guide Tips for what will happen in 2012....

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