Verbal Elixirs are thoughts to "Peace of Mind"

To have Peace worth having
You must function from your Highest Principal
(Conscience - Mind)
The rest will find its own order
That's when life directs you!

The Highest Principal is Pure Love
When One with "It"
"It" works for you

The Elixirs will help you get more Love in your life
Then you will find you human Spirit
And have Heaven on earth!!!

Each Elixir is a Loving Truth (Love feel good)

Your rhythm and mood effect
How you interpret the Elixirs

So if any Elixir doesn't feel good
It is you
Not the Elixir

Any Elixir that causes discomfort
Signifies an area
Where there is room for added In-Sight

With each new In-Sight
Your world is lighter
You will be more Connected
With the Bigger Picture

See how each Elixir can make sense and be a Truth
It will help you get beyond programmed thinking
And help you to be even more Loving

The Elixirs are based on Eternal Truths

For a Verbal Elixir to work
You must internalize it

To internalize it
You must experience it
Then it can become part of you

The ones that feel right, internalize
See how you can apply them to your day
Then you will be more One with your Ideal

You will feel better
Automatically Sharing the Feeling
The world will be a better place

Use the Elixirs that touch a good spot
At different times
Different Elixirs will work
It's up to you to find the right ones for now

Read the Elxirs with negativity in your heart
And the Elixirs will cause discomfort

Read with Love in your heart
And you will fid new ways to be even more Loving

The Elixirs won't do anything for you
Unless you join in and participate

The thrills received as a spectator
(passive recipient)
Are secondary (last only seconds)

If you are willing to add your energy
The benefits will be beyond your imagination!!!

Verbal Elixirs will help you get more Love in your life
Then you will find you find Real Happiness
Your human Spirit!

When with your Spirit
You do thing that when just physical
Are called Miracles
But when One with your Spirit, it is Natural

All Elixirs are Positive

If you turn them into negatives
You are polluting the planet

What is Truth to one
Can look like idealism to another

The Elixirs come from a Purely Loving Spiritual Perspective

The physical condition, in and by itself,
Has many limitations
Some extreme enough
To be labeled handicaps

There Really is no such thing as a handicap
Just a chance to Creatively find Wonder-full Options

God doesn't damn anything
God's Energy Is Positive

And the Elixirs follow....

Read each Verbal Elixir as an entity upon itself
Also feel its connection to the rest of the Elixirs
Each will then be more Potent

All the Elixirs are Copyrighted...

Verbal Elixirs

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