Where in the Moon Cycle Are You?

By being aware of the importance and symbolism of each moon cycle, we can get the most out of each and every one of our experiences and eventually learn to Live in Harmony with "The Bigger Scheme of Things"; that is in our Eternal best interest as well as the Eternal Best Interest of all. In other words, what is good for you should also be good for all involved or it isn't Ultimately good for you!

Every 4 weeks we have a new moon and cycle. The new moon opens new views and lessons to be learned from that vantage point.

The first 2 weeks into the new moon is a time to assess and gather clues. You will not have all the info until the full moon at the culmination of the first 2 weeks.

The week after the full moon, brings some clarity to all the different experiences you had during the first 2 weeks. At the end of the 3rd week you will be pretty clear as to what went on and what re-finements and changes you want to make.

In the last week of a cycle, the re-finements and changes are implemented; leaving you to basque in the Peace of making the most of it. If done to your best, with all of your Heart and soul, the last 3 days of the moon cycle should give you a settled feeling.

If you have angst the last 3 days, do some soul searching and sense if it is more physical, mental or emotional. Do your deep breathing, exchanging the tense energy in your being for the "White Light Healing Energy"; and then "See" what you can do differently, so as to get that Sense of Peace of Mind.

Every 4 weeks, you want to complete a cycle that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. This will help you complete things in every facet of your life.

Keep daily notes of how you are feeling on a calendar, so you can see the patterns that you personally go through, throughout the month.

For example, some people get edgy or tense at a full moon, while others are fully functioning and really 'on' at that time. Others get edgy or senstive 3 days before and after a full moon. Everyone is unique in their responses to the different moon cycles. There are reasons for these experiences and if understood, can help you connect to your Ideal Loving Self.

The tenseness 3 days before and 3 days after a full moon, is really no more than your Conscience trying to get your attention. (Conscience I now Know to be God and each one of us has a God Consciousness that we need to learn to Live in Harmony with and Be In Tune with once again.

We are Spiritual being having a human experience. BUT we have lost our connection to the Eternal part of our nature. Now we are all living as if we are just human and trying to connect to something more. We are already something more but need to re-Connect to that Ideal Purely Loving Core that has Wisdom that surpasses anything intellectual. That Wisdom includes the intellect but is so much more!

Also assess what went well to 'see' where you are being supported by the Bigger Scheme of Things, where you are in Tune with Natural Law in Divine Order!

Using the symbolism of the moon cycles is important because it is one of the ways that can help facilitate your journey back to the Truest part of you ;-)

It is fun using the moon cycles to re-Connect to the Truest Part of Yourself. Every 4 weeks you will raise your frequency through deeper self understanding and hence the transformational benefits that will heal your body, soul and emotions. This is how to find Real Happiness :-)

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