Sadness is a clue that you are not Being True to your Truest Self.

Nothing on the human level can ever really get rid of your depressive symptom. Sadness is the Bigger Picture's way of getting your attention; to let you know that there is more for you. If there wasn't more for you you wouldn't feel as relatively bad as you do; you would feel more or less satisfied, no big disparagy between where you are and you Potential. As bad as you feel is as good as you are destined to feel. You will want to get to Know your little ego self so that you can re-Connect to your Higher Spirited Self! That is really what the sadness is all about!

2012 is a Special Year, in that we as a Whole are changing vibratory and electro-magnetic frequencies, due to the increasing vibratory rate fo the planet and all on it.

For all Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason we are all entering a new zone, realm, reality!!! The old equations and cause and effects are changing everyday on such Quantum Levels that it isn't visible yet to an un-actualized person, but it is being felt by everyone just the same.

An underlying sadness is permeating everything. People are sensing the loss of what was, but aren't aware of this underlying dynamic yet. In turn, they will either try to numb it with more diversions or drugs, or they will blame someone else.

The solution for what seems to be unassociated sadness at this time in time is to go inner. Find out what you want to do now to feel better. It is time to explore ourselves; our likes, dislikes, desires, needs, and wants....we need to be living in the moment, assessing how we feel relative to our Ideal. This is not the time to sell yourself short by believing you are less than! You are a Perfect Being. It is up to you to get back in touch with that part of you that you came into this incarnation to Actualize! Until then you will feel sad and depressed of varying intensity!

You want to remember that you have a little egocentric self and that you have a Higher, All-Knowing Self that is in Harmony with the Eternal Way. When you get back to home base you will have Heaven on earth! Depression and sadness doesn't live on that channel.

Your Higher Self is Spirited. To Be Spirited is to be Purely Loving LINK TO PURE LOVE to the Nth Degree!!! You need to BE Loving in all you think, say, and do. Pure Love Heals all....then you will find real happiness by having Heaven on earth; hence Eternally!!! You can't be overwhelmed by sadness when you are Purely Loving. You feel and sense the sadness, but you are not the sadness!

To be Purely Loving in all you think, say, and do; you must learn to Love your self, with all of your Heart and Soul. This process is a long one; so learn to enjoy the process ;-) It feels more wonderful each step of the way. In the beginning it may even feel like you aren't getting anywhere; but after awhile as the momentum builds you will experience Quantum leaps of joy! I like to compare the process to making a snowman. When you make the first snowball and start rolling it into what will be the snowman's body, it seeems like it will take forever; you roll and roll and roll, acquiring little to speak of. And then, once you hit a critical mass, each roll adds mega amounts of snow accumulation! This process of becoming Purely Loving is similar, in that it seems like you aren't really getting anywhere; but you really really are! Keep the Faith, knowing that this process will help you BE all you are Destined to BE!

Take everything in your life that feels less than Ideal at this time and see what it could be teaching you. It is helping you Realize something that you would never realize if it weren't in your life. Don't just try to get rid of the negative. Once you learn what you are to learn, it will no longer exist in your life and/or it will be easier to move on. Either way it won't overwhelm you.

Everything is in perfect order for where you are. When you learn to Live in Harmony with that Premise you will be able to 'see' and 'experience' everything in a new light. You will be able to take things personally in a proactive positive way, instead of in a judgmental way that takes the wind out of your sails.

Replace sadness with Love Love Love..... Meditation with my "Creative Experiencing" CD's is the best way I Know to Transform to your Ideal....

The possibilities and opportunities coming in with the Quantum shifts in reality and consciousness are so much more than you can think up at this time. Technology, the way we live, eat, and basically function is going through a metamorphsis! You must either be open for shifting or feel the pain of being caught up in the past. Use any pain to gain Insights for Transormation.

I was controlled by outer circumstances, like every other human until I learned to 'actively meditate'. I know that to 'actively meditate' sounds odd; but once you get to that deep level, just on the verge of sleep, you are in the most receptive mode for making the most effective, long-lasting changes.

Check out how meditation can help sadness.....

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