How to Ask Yourself
Important Questions

When you ask yoursef important questions, remember to ask from a positive frame of reference. If you ask a question in a victim mode, you will get an answer that is compatible with that channel, rhythm.

It is important to ask yourself questions.
The Right Answer is found in the Right Question.

Meditate before asking important questions. Then, you can be on a more Ideal Rhythm and consequently get more Ideal Answers. You need to get a little distance from the issue, which will give you a more Loving Objective Perspective.

You will want to be conscious of your attitude before you ask the question. The best time to ask yourself questions usually comes when you are having a hard time with something or other. When things go wrong, is the best time to get Insights and Answers; but as you know, that is the same time when you are usually on a less than Ideal Rhythm.

If you can't take the time to do some deep breathing and meditate right in the moment, write down the issue so you can later.
Every negative has a positive. It is up to you to find that Positive.

Why is this happening to me? (remember to want to know with all of your heart and soul). If you ask from a lower channel, the answer will probably be something like, "Because you are stupid!"

When you are in the Rhythm of Pure Love, with God, you will get supportive Loving Answers of an Eternal Nature;answers that will help you re-fine your brain circuitry and connect you to your Ideal. It will feel more like answers from an Ideally Loving parent.

What would YOU (God, your Ideal) want me to do in this situation? If you say what should I do in this situation, you will get a different answer. You need to get past your little ego perspective, in order to Heal your less than Ideal brain circuitry. Then you will be able to identify with your Higher Consciousness more than your wounded ego.

When asking Important Questions you will want to ask God with an open heart. If you ask God with a negative feeling, you will not get any messages from God. He doesn't live on a negative channel. That's why so many people feel God is not with them. It is because they aren't with God. God is always with you! But, you won't Know that unless you can learn to connect with God, by Being Loving when you ask and listen.

After asking, you may immediately get an answer; but more than likely you will get the answer as you are going through your day. Something will happen that will "click" the answer into place for you. The key here is that once you get the question out from a heartfelt place and stay in that Rhythm; you will get a heartfelt answer. It is important to remember this!

When you put your question 'out there' you will be asking the Wisdom of the Cosmos, Universal Consciousness in Divine Order. I now Know that that is God, but when I first started on this journey, I wasn't sure that God really existed; but after my Death Experience I Know God IS, and that Jesus is our brother!

Let me help you get started.

Important questions to ask your Self, with Love:

Why am I here? (this can be specifically or in general as to why you are in a body)

Who am I? (are you your good self? your wounded self? are you eternal?)

What is my purpose.

Why am I going through this.

What is the Best thing for me to do in this situation?

Is there more for me? What?

What should I do next?

Do you want me to do this?

Important questions revolve around Love

How can I be more Loving?

How can I be more Understanding?

How can I be more Compassionate?

What can I do so that I can really Love myself?

Why am I feeling less than Ideal?

What should I do to feel Ideal?

Should I meditate to connect to you, God?

Will eating this help me feel closer to You, God?

Am I supposed to be doing this?

Will doing this help me.

Need help getting answers to important questions?

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