NOW is a good time to make quantum shifts in consciousness, so here is some inspiration to help stimulate that change!

If you are feeling great, humble yourself in appreciation, with all of your heart and soul…

If you are feeling less than Ideal, Know that just by acknowledging that fact, that there is MUCH more for you!!!

Hopefully these 7 ETERNAL FACTS, will provide the need inspiration to help you evolve to your Ultimate Potential. It is time to move from a perspective of duality to a Unified Heart Centered ONE.


There is no human objective reality.That means, in and by itself, everything on the human realm has no meaning! You give meaning to what you experience based on your past experiences and programming. In turn, every person has a little different take on what reality is! That means that there really is no lasting truth either. So, how can you ever feel safe and secure in such a tenuous reality? You can’t!


In REALITY there is no time and space, ALL IS! As soon as you focus on something, all other options cease! You have taken the Integrated Oneness and removed something from IT. As soon as you do that you will find yourself stuck in intellect. In REALITY, ALL IS; in the RHYTHM OF PURE LOVE! There is an Eternal Reality where there are Eternal Truths and Ultimate Security and Safety. Join in the Rhythm of Pure Love and be Divinely Directed and Protected! (I have CD’s to help you accomplish this)


Intellect alone will keep you stuck in the past. Intellect is great, up to a point. Intellect alone is Ultimately limiting. It is only good for helping you get your brain circuitry in order, so you can get to the Wisdom of your Mind!


There is a REALITY that does have an OBJECTIVE REALITY. When you Learn to Be Purely Loving to yourself, you will be able to Experience IT! You need to get your brain circuitry Healed to do that! The Rhythm of Pure God Love is a REALITY…an ETERNAL ONE at that! I sure hope you find inspiration in this!


It is Mind over matter; not brain over matter. Get your brain to be in Harmony with the Wisdom of your Mind, “Mental Feng Shui” (c) Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen, from "Power of Pure Love; Mental Feng Shui".


Your Feelings are your barometer as to Knowing if what you are doing is in your Eternal Best Interest or not. Make everything relative to your Ideal and you will Know why you feel less than Ideal and Purely Loving. Don’t sell yourself short. If you do, you will never feel as good as you would like!


It is the time of Idealism. What felt right before may no longer hit the same good spot. Be aware of how you are Feeling, relative to your Ideal. You may need to meditate to accomplish this. Stretch to BE all that you can BE. It may feel awkward at first, but let your Idealism and your Feelings help you through. Time to hit the Light Fantastic! It is time to Experience Heaven on earth!

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