Mental Feng Shui will help you See with your Heart and get you in touch with the Underlying Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason to all in the human reality.

It is the key to interpreting the symbolism of the 3rd dimension.

Basic Principles of MENTAL FENG SHUI

1) There is a positive and negative in everything.

2) There is a positive to be found in every negative.

3) Where ego ends Spirit begins.

4) A Healed ego is Spirited.

5) Need to find a balance between masculine (mc) and feminine consciousness (fc). Mental Feng Shui is all about Ultimate Balance.

6) This means most women need some masculine qualities and most men need feminine qualities.

7) As a whole, the world needs to focus on developing its feminine consciousness.

8) This is the same as balancing left and right brain functioning; (fc) is predominantly right brain and (mc) is left brain.

9) After the Balance there is an integration that takes place resulting in a Consciousness that is more than the combination of the two, the Gestalt, Universal Consciousness, Spirit, Natural Law in Divine Order.

10) Heaven on earth is when you see and think with your Heart while grounded in your gut level.

11) The Real You is your Spirited Nature, which has precedence over your human nature.

12) With Love comes Sweetness, an openness and Rhythm usually reserved for babies and pets.

13) This Sweetness is to be consciously built upon and generalized into your life, sharing it freely with those you encounter in your every day.

14) You are a point of Awareness in an ocean of Light, Life. The Rhythm and Essence of your Being Is, was and will always Be.

15) When in Tune with your Ideal, you will be Joyful that you are Eternal ;-)

16) You can only focus on one thing at a time. If in the Rhythm of Pure Love you aren’t conscious of pain; when Loving you aren’t angry; when angry you are missing the Loving Truth.

17) Best is in the moment, better is yet to come!

18) Go for your Ideal and at the same time be aware that you may not get your first choice. You may get the 5th choice on your list, but at least it is a choice!

19) You want to see things optimistically, like the glass is half full not half empty!

20) The most you can do is your best. The Bigger Picture Divinely Directs the rest. By making the most of what it is, will lead you to the next step.

21) This is a planet of checks and balances, a contrary planet. You may get what you want but something will happen, so as to prevent complacency; and to help you grow and become One your Ideal Self, reaching your human potential!

A few examples are:

Control freaks have a tendency to have more things going wrong, leaving them with a sense of feeling out of control; or they have people around them who are ADD, disruptive, etc.

Many over achievers are having autistic children to help them get deeper and learn values that they haven't had the opportunity to get in touch with yet.

People who aren’t sweet enough get diabetes.

The “so called” contrary things can bring people to levels of Pure Love they would never have experienced any other way.

We just all need to be aware that there are gifts in the so called negatives.

22) Your Natural Vibration is Healing.

23) A diversion from your Optimum Vibe is relatively considered depression, dis-ease.

If your vibe is slightly lowered you will feel more tired than feels right.

If your vibe is lowered more, you are more likely to catch a cold; and

if it is lowered more and for an extended period of time you can acquire and auto-immune dis-ease.

If your vibe is lowered even more and for an even longer period of time, it can result in cancer.

24) Keeping up your vibe will help you sustain a healthier physicality.

Negative thoughts can lower your vibe.

Even surrounding your self with negative, toxic, people can make you more susceptible to dis-ease.

Be aware of when your vibe is lowered, so you can find a way to raise it to optimum.

25) You can raise your vibe to your Ideal by:

surrounding your self with colors that feel good and uplifting,

listening to music that soothes your soul (Hawaiian music is particularly uplifting and Healing to your soul),

smells that warm your heart and make you feel good;

and by surrounding your self with things that feel good to the touch.

Stimulating all of your senses in a good way raises your vibration, adding to your sense of well-being;

as does positive Loving self talk.

Being around Loving people obviously raises your vibe too ;-)

Everyday Human Benefits of MENTAL FENG SHUI

1) Reduced stress

2) Increased energy

3) Healthier physically and psychologically

4) will find Real Happiness

5) Increased sense of self-respect

6) You will Become your own best friend

7) Easier to make decisions

8) Mental Feng Shui will give you a Better understanding of who you are and why you are doing what you are doing

9) Reduced anxiety, fear, and anger

10) You will Feel Full-Filled to the Nth Degree

11) You will approach every day with a Sene of Enthusiasm, knowing you have an abundance of Pure Love to share and no expectations

12) You will have a Mind set that is conducive to having a great day no matter what does or doesn't happen

13) Mental Feng Shui Heals an addictive personality

14) Eliminates any longing or neediness

15) Enhances creativity

16) Intensified sense of well-being

17) You will be able to Love You Mental Feng Shui

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