Inspirational Quotes from "Verbal Elixirs: Thoughts to Peace of Mind How to have Heaven on earth" need a little explaining.

I Died.
When I came back to life
Life was never the same!!!!!!

I became One with "The Source"
Now, as a "Natural Resource"
I am sharing what I have Learned....

Over the years after my Death Experience, there were recurring statements that came up in conversation with my clients. I repeated them so many times that I thought it would be easier on me if I wrote them all down for others' reference.

The Inspirational Quotes came into Consciousness because my Only Purpose for still Being here, and in my body, is to help other humans reach their human Potential, to re-Connect to their Truest Nature

They will help Heal your soul so you can find Real Happiness.

It is better to read and re-read the Elixirs
They aren't a fast read
If you buzz through them
You will miss the best part
The Experience

If you can't get into the Elixirs
You need to be less distracted

To be more focused and get the most out of the Inspirational Quotes
You can do the following Breathing Technique:

Take 3 deep breaths (from you gut level) Like a Biiiiiiig sigh of relief....

Your body does this naturally Why not get the benefit at will?

Inhale Pure White Light (See It, Feel It)

To See White Light (White Light Molecular Energy) Visualize the snow on an old tv when it didn't receive a channel

Then add the quality of freshly fallen snow When the sunlight glistens it with irridescent colors

Now, inhale through your nose As you do, invision the White Light Molecular Energy Coming in through the top of your head And filling up the inside of your body

Each time you inhale, there will be more and more White Light in you

Until the White Light is so compact That it literally seeps through your pores Enveloping you externally and blending you with the air space around you

As you exhale, see a black cloud of tension Leaving through your mouth

Each exhale get greyer The last exhale will be White

You will have exchanged the negative tense energy for the White Light and Healing Energy

This breathing will help you be more open to receive the Healing benefits.....

All quotes are copyrighted from the book "Verbal Elixirs: Thoughts to Peace of Mind; How to have Heaven on earth" by Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen

Inspirational Quotes

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