An Overview of the
Symbolism of the Moon Cycle Sign

With each moon cycle sign there is new and different energy in the air. If you aren't aware of it, you could misinterperet what is going on. You want to take everything that happens and that you experience in your life personally.

There are many ways of taking things personally. Most people beat themselves up when they take things personally; telling themselves they are no good at something or why don't they ever get things right! That's not what I am talking about here. I want you to take things personally, but in a Purely Loving way and this process is geared to do just that ;-)

There are 12 moon cycle signs, one for every month of year. They have influence on how you experience the 4 week cycles throughout the year. They are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

When the new moon cycle sign is Aries, you will have a more independent perspective; seeing how well things revolve around you. You may be prone to be more intense about your feelings, emotionally and in expression. This is a good time to gain a new respect for your feelings and learn to be on your own side; but not at the expense of another. You can learn to be more Loving in ways that show respect to yourself as well as others. Anger can be your friend when you embrace it and 'see' what it is showing you rather than lashing out at another.

Taking things personally here means to own your reactions. So, if you are angry, know that it is your Higher Knowing letting you know that something isn't fair or 'right'. Then it is up to you to figure out what it is an how to find Loving Balance.

When the new moon cycle sign is Taurus, you will be more prone to be concerned about issues revolving around your possessions, finances, morals, love, and things of beauty. You may find yourself wanting to buy more things to make you feel better. You will enjoy going out to eat and treating yourself well.

When the new moon cycle sign is Gemini, you will be more socially inclined. Communications will be at the top of your list. Gemini is the messenger from God. So communications on a human level as well as a Higher level are magnified. This energy is helpful in getting a Higher Understanding to what is going on on the human level; clarifying questions you may have about "Why is this happening to me?"

When the new moon cycle sign is Cancer, you will have a tendency to be more emotional. This magnification of you emotional circuitry is helpful in getting your attention to areas of your life where there is more for you than you yet know. As the old saying goes, "No pain, no gain"! Unfortunately, that is the Truth. Humans are creatures of habit and unless there is a good enough reason to change, there will be no change.

When the new moon cycle sign is Leo, you will be ego driven. This is a great time to connect that ego driven passion and Expand to encompass All of Life on planet earth. By gaining a Higher Order Humility, which is not the same as the human mundane humility, you will get beyond ego gratification and get to Enjoy Pure Bliss ;-) This can only happen when you take your beliefs, brain circuitry, and bridge them to be in the Eternal Best Interest of all.

When the new moon cycle sign is Virgo, you will have a craving for order within yourself, that will manifest in being overly sensitive to order in you everyday life and surroundings. Just keep in Mind that what you are seeking is Internal Peace, Peace of Mind; and that nothing outside of yourself is going to give it to you. "Oz didn't give anything to the tin man that he didn't already have."

When the new moon cycle sign is Libra, you will have tendency to look for balance in your life, through love, beauty and aesthetics. This is a good time to treat yourself like you would a love in your life or a dear dear friend. Have yourself over for dinner ;-) To genuinely be a dear friend or a True Love to another, you want to be it to yourself first; then it will be Love and Friendship for another; not looking for Love and and Friendship from another! You will be able to come to your day with a Sense of Abundance instead of need, a Blissfulness like no other, Heaven on earth!

When the new moon cycle sign is Scorpio you will have a tendency to get to the depths of what is going on with you! This is definitely not the time to be superficial and if your are you Will feel it! There are 3 levels to the symbolism of Scorpio; the scorpion, the serpent and the Phoenix (out of the ashes rises the Spirit of your soul). The darkest of the 3 is the scorpion. We must go through all 3 stages to reach Enlightenment! Nobody skips a step on the journey to Enlightenment! You have to get 'into it' to get beyond it. You need to Prove to your self that you Are More than just your thoughts, emotions and body! When you learn to Be More, by showing it through your actions; how you live your life and from what frame of reference you base you decisions. As tough as this moon cycle may feel, it is just that rewarding in the end ;-)

When the new moon cycle sign is Sagittarius, it will be easier for you to Bridge your mundane everyday experiences to your Higher Knowing, making Ultimate Sense out of "Why" you are experiencing what you are experiencing. The Insights CAN leave you with a fortunate feeling. You may even Experience the Next Dimension, giving you a Feeling of Fullness, like no other you have experienced from an earthly perspective.

When the new moon cycle sign is Capricorn you will come back to earth, sensing a groundedness that relatively speaking feels harsh compared to the Sagittarius cycle. But, this is the test to see how well you can handle the earthly contrariness with your new found "Insights". Can you be more than your old thoughts, emotions and physicality? How well did you bridge from the old limited view to the Eternal Way? Don't judge yourself. Be your own best friend and support system. Love you, no matter what! Know that you are never given more than you can handle, even if it looks that way. There are Lessons to be learned so you can tweak your previous re-finements. When you learn the Lessons the old haunting patterns release themselves as if Magically ;-) This is where incorporating Pure Love into the equation is of Ultimate Importance. Pure Love Heals all....

When the new moon cycle sign is Aquarius you will have a tendency to spread the Love to all of your earthly brothers and sisters. We are all one big extended family and the more Love you have in you the more you will Live your Life Knowing that we are all more interdependent than previously imagined! When we all function with Pure Love for all, we will not need laws to protect us...we will all be in each others' Eternal Best Interest, Heaven on earth, Nirvana, Bliss...The New Paradigm.....

When the new moon cycle is Pisces, you will have a tendency to get caught up totally in the imaginary realm. This is great if you have learned all of your Lessons and are beyond your ego self. But, because most people haven't learned most of their Lessons yet, their imagination is not of the Higher Order and can lead them astray...diverting them from their Eternal Path. This leaves them not knowing the difference between fantasy and reality; so this can be a delusional 4 week cycle. At this time it is extremely important to focus on Being as Purely Loving as possible. When all is said and done, all that Really matters is what you have and haven't done in the Rhythm of Pure Love. Do your Best in the moment and Better is yet to come. Don't judge your self! That is a separatist view. Pure Love is not separatist, it is all inclusive! Make your Goal for each day to be more Loving, Understanding and Compassionate because of everything you are going through. This will give you a Sense of Peace and Joy like never before. Anything less will leave you with some level of negative thinking, stress, emotionality, anxiety, etc. The Greatest Benefit at this time is that the Cosmos is supporting you to hit the "Light Fantastic".

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