Pure Love

Pure Love is different than human love.
"IT" Heals and outpowers everything else.
Human love is more of a dependancy and based on some level of neediness.

This Higher Level of Love is Bigger than anything human and is the antithesis of being dependent and needy. It is the epitome` of abundance!

Pure Love has a Vibration that is best compared to the Vibration of God. I Know it as God now, but didn't 'think' that in the beginning. I Saw and Experienced "It" as Being One with the Ultimate Source, The Loving Light; then after many years and many Miracles, after coming back into my body, I Realized on a very personal level that Jesus IS and GOD IS! (Before my Death Experience I did not Believe Jesus's Miracles were real or that he was even real!)

The Reality of this Higher Level of Love used to be beyond human comprehension or belief. Due to the blending of the dimensions and the speeding up of everything (the new time in time), it is not far from becoming part of human comprehension and reality. It will be Experienced by many in the upcoming years.

As you find the Healing Loving Balance to the parts of you that are less than your Ideal, you will learn to Love your self; and then, you too will get to Experience this Magical level of Being.

This Higher Level of Love comes from within, from your Center, from your Connection to The Source, God. This Connection is so uplifting that you actually feels less dense and heavy, which gives you the feeling of floating instead of walking; the Lightness of Being!

Pure Love is the Perfect Vibration of all in Perfect Harmony, of which you are part and parcel! The True Harmonic Convergence!

Everything has a vibration and a rhythm. Depending upon your attitude (rhythm), you will perceive things differently. If you are depressed you will see things from a poor me perspective. If you are in a Purely Loving Rhythm you will see the "Whole" picture; the negatives as well as the lessons and the opportunities. The degree to which your attitude is less than Ideal, will be the rhythm and reality you are in, dictating your perception and experience.

Pure Love is of the Highest Vibration. When you are in this Rhythm you will be in Heaven. "Heaven isn't a place; It Is a Rhythm. When in 'The Rhythm of Pure Love', wherever you are is Heaven." (from "Verbal Elixirs; Thoughts to Peace of Mind" by Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen)

Because this Higher Level of Love is the Perfect Highest Harmonic Vibration, it has no stress or discord. This is the Perfect Environment for Healing. Dis-ease doesn't live on that Vibration/channel. When you Live in this Higher Reality you will Know what Feels Harmonious and what doesn't. It is easy to Know the correct decision and to get your own answers to anything. It IS the Ultimate Healer.

To learn how to Experience Pure Love in all you think, say, and do; click here

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