Mental Feng Shui
Fine Art of Idealism

Mental Feng Shui is a philosophy, a Fine Art and a Science.
It has a process and a goal.
The Power of Pure Love will show you the Way to Live an Idealistic Life.
It is the Epitome` of The Fine Art of Idealism!

The Mental Feng Shui process is of getting your brain circuitry in order and an end result of Living in Harmony with your Higher Knowing and the Eternal Way.

When your brain circuitry is in sync with your Pure Lovingness, you will Know that you are being Divinely Directed and Protected. Until that time, you will know that you are not.

You will Know that you have Mental Feng Shui when your emotions, thoughts and feelings are Based on and in Harmony with something Greater than yourself!

Mental Feng Shui is not possible to attain when you are only coming from ego!

If you want to find Real Happiness and walk in Love, Joy, and Peace; you must join into the Bigger Scheme of things in the Rhythm of Pure Love.

This is the time of Idealism and any thing less will leave you longing for some intangible something!

Most people are still living in the old world order.

This is a story I once heard that should help explain this more clearly. Scientists put a group of sharks in a tank. They also put the fish that the sharks ate in the same tank. Shortly thereafter they put a plexiglass shield between the sharks and their food/prey! As the sharks went for their dinner they hit the clear plexiglass. After awhile they stopped going after the other fish. Awhile later, the researchers lifted the plexiglass. Guess what happened? The sharks no longer went after the other fish! They acted like the plexiglass was still there, when in actuality they could've had a feast. The same hold true for us! We can actually have Heaven on earth, when in the past it would not have been possilbe.

The problem is that we are still living according to an old paradigm. In Reality, things that didn't work before can work now. Things you weren't good at before, you can be good at now! Be 'as if' you just landed on this planet! Be your Ideal and see how it works!

Control, resulting in rage and anger, rule the day; not Love, Harmony, and Cooperation!

We are all to become more Love Oriented, instead of goal oriented!

With the "Right" attitude, all will turn out the way it is supposed to; because it will unfold in the Rhythm of Pure Love.

How we 'think' it should be from an intellectual frame of reference is of a lower order and vibration. What you 'think' may actually be holding in the past! Check out the expected changes in 2012 and beyond.

Allow your Self to develop through the Power of Pure Love, instead of trying to control your life through intellect.

You will Experience the Lightness of Being when in the Rhythm of Pure Love!

Just being aware of the Basic Principles of Mental Feng Shui can open up Pathways to Enlightenment, helping you re-Connect to your Truest Self and Nature.

Mental Feng Shui basics

To understand more, check out how the Fine Art of Symbolism can help you be your Ideal Self.

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