"Creative Experiencing"
Heal Your Body and Soul

Meditation, "Creative Experiencing", is probably the single most important thing you can do to facilitate and enhance the process of Healing your human condition.

More specifically, Creative Experiencing, at a deep relaxed level of consciousness can help you make changes that will help you find Real Happiness by getting you in touch with the Truest part of your nature. The results are lasting and actually have positive effects on a cellular level; Healing you mentally and physically!

Everything you do in this deepened state will have much more power than anything you do in your normal (awake) level of consciousness.

The type of meditation I am referring to may be better described as "Creative Experiencing" (CE), because it includes deep breathing, getting centered in your deeper levels of consciousness, and then using visualization and "total experiencing" to help reinforce and build on your Ideal.

Meditation is the most effective way to connect to
your Divine Intuition and the Oneness of It All.

You can literally Transform who you are at this very moment into your Ideal; through the power of breath, visualization, and total experiencing. This process can even change your body chemistry! Just being aware that this is possible will help in your Transformation from your little human limited view to your All-Knowing Ideally Loving Perspective. Leave the door of Ideal possibilities open for your self.

Meditation, "Creative Experiencing", is active prayer. It helps you make your dreams come true, as long as they are in Harmony with your Highest Principle. Without focusing on your Loving nature, you will get lost in the human condition and become a victim of the moment by taking things too literally. I have meditation, "Creative Experiencing" CD's to help with the breathing and visualization. When you meditate, you can get to the deepest part of your self. In this deep focused state of mind, you can Actualize you Highest Nature and build on it with more impact than you could in a normal waking state.

If you don't want to meditate, at least see whether you can get your self to just play a "Creative Experiencing" CD.The vibration that it radiates will affect you in ways that are not yet in your conscious awareness, but that are definitely helpful in building on your Ideal Nature and Knowing.

There was research done many years ago where they took three top ranked basketball teams. They had one team practice on the court as usual. They had the second team practice only in their minds, as if they were on the court. The third team was instructed not to practice at all. At the end of the three week time trial, they tested the three teams. The first two teams ranked pretty much the same and the third team was way out of the competition. From this study, it showed that whether you do it in your mind or out in the world, that it can have the same impact.(Think about it. You don't even need to move and you don't need to spend as much time to get the same results!!!) There are many more studies that show results that would be considered miracles of what was accomplished in meditative states as far as Healing physical conditions.

The only way to keep up with information overload is to learn to get into the Oneness of It All through meditation.

We are all able to be our own Healers and get all our own answers, but to do that we must get beyond the limited human perspective and that takes getting in Tune with the Rhythm of Pure Love through Creative Experiencing (CE).

Meditation is all about slowing down and getting centered through the use of breath and focusing, eliminating extraneous thoughts and outer distractions. "Creative Experiencing helps you build on your Center and maintain it, so that when you come out of the meditation you will be more in tune with your Ideal self, and consequently Higher Minded in everything you do. The goal is to Live in the Ideal meditative state of mind every minute of every day, which can get you to a level of Super- Consciousness; then you won't get caught up in the emotion of it all.

You will actually accomplish much more in much less time!!!
By slowing down you will actually go faster!!!

You want to be Conscious of your underlying motivations. "Creative Experiencing" will help you understand your self. As you slow down and get centered, you will eventually be able to see your self and what you do with the new eyes of an Ideal Loving Parent.

Meditation and CE help you get out of your present state of brain and attitude. Through slowing down, getting to your Center, and then using your Imagination and physical experiencing you will be able to integrate the two realities on a deep cellular level; your little one with the Bigger Spiritual One.

Your Imagination combined with Love as your Highest intention will help you connect with your Ideal nature, the Truest Purest part of your self. Connecting that Truth and Reality to your physical experience will help you integrate your human life and your Ideal life so they can be compatible. This amounts to Healing any brain circuitry that is not in Harmony with your Highest Principle and can literally help you become One with the Oneness of It All and have Heaven on earth.

There are five different elements involved in meditating and CE: your posture, breathing, total experiencing, hearing, and visualizing.

The real power of meditation comes through combining deep breathing with White Light visualization.

To manifest lasting deep changes you need to meditate, CE, at least 3 times a day and then stay conscious of your Eternal intentions as you go through your day. You will be amazed at how differently you will experience and respond to your day, just by changing your mind set! Remember to check your attitude and Rhythm every 15 minutes, at minimum. If you do this consciously for 9 months to a year, it will become a healthy habit that you will help you to Actualize your Ideal ;-)

Check out Power of Pure Love.

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