Humility is a
Humbling Experience

Humility can help you heal your soul and find real happiness. The process of healing your soul state initially feels like a downer; that is, until you hit a level of IT that is Overwhelmingly Awesome and in Tune with the Wisdom of the ages!

Most people experience and know humility only as a downer. That is because they are in the initial stages of their deep soul growth. Initially this process does feel less than Idea, and will hopefully continue to do so until it gets intense enough to eventually bring you to your knees. Keep in mind that every time you have a humbling experience, you are one step closer to your Ideal All Knowing Self!

Gaining the Higher Order of Humility does feel like a downer from an ego perspective; that is, until you "Get It"! As you progress, you will "Realize" that there are different levels of humility to be experienced. The initial ones feel like they are ripping you apart from your core, taking away your uniqueness and sense of self and being. The lessons that come with this process are doing just that! They are allowing you to "See" and "Experience" more than you are yet aware of!

Because humans are creatures of habit, change isn't usually embraced; but change is now in the air, big time! So, everyone is going to change, one way or another, whether they want to or not. Either you will open up and Connect to the Bigger Scheme of things or you will keep your self stuck in the quagmire of the limited human view.

There are many things climaxing right now in the cosmos that are affecting all of us on planet earth! We are entering a new time in time where things that weren't possible before are going to be possible; while things that worked before may not be as effective. You may now be good at things that you weren't' so good at before. Your likes and dislikes will also be changing. You will also be seeing things in a new light!

For these changes to take place you need to experience and be aware of the limitedness of what you now deem to be true. This is where humility comes in. When you Understand and Know more, you can look back at how you were and even find humor in its limitedness. You will also see how the ways of the past were useful, but now will hold you back from your True Potential!

You will learn that gaining humility is a right of passage, taking you from one level of being to one of a Higher Vibe; that is if you learn the lesson and make the re-finements. There is a Blessing in every humbling experience. It is up to you to find it!

You may want to check out the Symbolism page to help with this process.

Every humbling experience will help you heal your ego self, so that it can be in Harmony with your Higher Knowing. Your ego doesn't want to listen to anyone, so it can continue to feed itself at the expense of your Eternal Well-Being. But your Higher Knowing can help your ego to Understand that there is more to life than meets the human senses. The Bigger Scheme of things will get your attention by getting you to experience the folly of your ego ways.....

Humility with a capital "H" feels quite different than with a small "h". With a small "h" it is the part of the process where your ego gets healed through being exposed in embarrassing ways, getting you to Realize that you aren't as great or smart as you thought from your egocentric perspective. With a capital "H" it is the antithesis of the lower case "h" experience. It is Humbling in a completely different way. After reaching the epitome` of your ego issues, in contrast, the Spiritual Level of Humility is so Blessed that you don't feel worthy. Even though you Know you have earned your way, it is so Beautifully Validating that it is Humbling in the best sense of the word!

When I was still being controlled by my ego beliefs, I couldn't conceptualize what the Higher Order Humility would feel like. You can't imagine it. If you can think it up, it isn't it! No one can even explain it to you. Once you Experience it you will Understand why! But, I can tell you that it is more than well worth it to go through all of the pain and disillusionment of the humbling experiences that are part of this journey to In-lightenment.

Humility will get you to Understand your self and your life in a more Deep and Eternal Way. Remember that judging is an ego mode and not of the Higher Order. In the Bigger Scheme of things, there is just better and better! Embrace every experience (good, not so good, and the downright ugly) by letting it help your be more Loving, Understanding and Compassionate because of it.

The Goal is to Be Purely Loving, no matter what is or isn't going on in your life. Pure Love is Bigger and more Powerful than any human issue. Once you Heal your little ego self, you will be able to Purely Love Your Self and in turn Live in the Magic of the Rhythm of Pure Love... Heaven on earth!

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