Fine Art of Symbolism:
Symbolism of Your Heart

Symbolism is the way out of the human delusion.

Pure Love is the Goal.

Most people take things literally, getting caught up in the human specifics. Thinking alone, will hold you back.

A Loving Attitude, Loving Objectivity, is the Rhythm from which to interpret the symbolism of what is going on.

You must first be Aware of the Clues. Click here to check out "clue" in the glossary.

Take a few deep breaths and listen To Your Body Talk. You want to inhale the White Light Healing energy through your nose and exhale the tension, seen as a dark cloud leaving through your mouth. Do this until your breath is coming from your solar plexus, gut level, and the exhale is white; letting you know that you have replaced the tension with the White Light Healing energy. This usually takes at least 3 deep inhales and exhales.

Because there is a mind and brain body connection, all the different aspects of your human self are reflected in and through your body.

The easiest way to check to see whether you are in tune with your Highest Principle is to check the state of your body. Is it tense? Is it aching? Are you low on energy? All of the symptoms, if taken symbolically, are clues that you are not in Harmony with the Highest, Truest part of your self.

Listen to your body talk, even when it isn't screaming at you.

The symbolism behind your physical symptoms, can help you find your way home; by finding the Healing Balance to your less-than Ideal thoughts, behaviors, or feelings.

This process creates your stairway to Heaven, Nirvana, or Bliss, depending on how you want to look at It!

The more in tune you are with your body, the more consistent you will become at being your Ideal Self. Remember to keep using the breathing technique through your day so you can stay more centered than if you don't.

Keep in Mind that you must get into the physical in order to get beyond it. Otherwise, how can you surpass what you haven't gotten into?

Ultimately your body can connect you to the Light Fantastic, to Ecstasy, to your God Self---the most wonderful Experience you can ever physically have! Before you have that Oneness Experience, you will delude your self into 'thinking' that only human experiences can make you feel that good.

You may start out feeling that physical sensations are the only impetus for your heightened state of well being, but that is not the Ultimate Truth. If that were True, what would ever satisfy you when the physical stops supporting you? (That's what happens when you die!) You would be left longing and yearning for the physical pleasures and sensations. That is why the Goal here is to feel Ecstatic and not have it contingent or dependent upon anything physical. Your Oneness with the Ultimate Source is the Ultimate Experience that you and everyone are longing for. That is why using symbolism is helpful. It help you break free of old patterns and beliefs by expanding your consciousness.

People get human physical glimpses of this Oneness and Ultimate Experience, but don't know that they can actually maintain and Live in that Reality while in a body. Once you Truly are able to Love your Self, you will no longer think or believe that your good feelings are dependent or contingent upon anything physical.

Your human high times are gifts to help you reconnect to your almost lost Wisdom and Bliss! Any experience that you have had in the past, you can always get that feeling back. It is in your cellular memory and there for you to build upon. You don't have to wait for another human experience to give your self the right to have it again. By doing your best with all of you heart and soul, you will be able to give your self the right to get back in touch with past Ideal States of Mind. Living in harmony with those wonderful times of consciousness will help you have Higher thoughts, will improve your attitude, and add to your overall sense of well-being!

Without listening to your body talk, you can delude your self into thinking that you are doing the right things. Thinking alone will hold you back and keep you stuck in old worn out patterns. Listening to your body and using symbolism will help you get out of your own way, beyond your past intellectual conditioning. It will help you connect to your Divine Creativity and Intuition, your Mind, your Ideal!

Seeing with your Heart is the way to See more than meets the human eye and the only way to heal your soul, ego.

This takes being vulnerable in a world lacking in sweetness.

To be vulnerable and not be victimized,
takes a level of Love that is Bigger and more All consuming.

Learning to be more Loving, Understanding and Compassionate
because of what has or hasn't happened to you is the Key here.

Seeing with your Heart will get you in touch with the
Underlying Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason to all in the human reality.
It is the key to interpreting the symbolism of the 3rd dimension.

Using the "Creative Experiencing" CD's will help you balance anything less than Ideal and develop this Higher level of Consciousnes. This will help you Transforma and Heal anything in your nature that is inhibiting you from having Peace of Mind and Real Happiness!

Spiritual Reads also help give you Insights into what you can do to become your Ideal Self.

By Being Aware and then taking what is happening in the moment (with the consciousness of where in the moon cycle you are), can help you with the Objectivity you need to get over your little ego self! This is about Transorming from your little self to your Higher All-Knowing Self, your Ideal.

Click here to understand more about symbolism. Where in the moon cycle are you?

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