The Oneness Factor© is the New Reality Base.

Everyone on planet earth needs to realize that we ARE all One big organism.

Each one of us has more of an effect on the whole than we are aware of.

It is time for a Major Paradigm Shift!

The Oneness Factor© is the Gestalt of Spirit; All as One Perfect, Loving, Harmonious Rhythm (Reality); the True meaning of Heaven; Nirvana; Ecstasy; Bliss.

I had a Death Experience in 1984 that changed me in ways that are so profound that it is hard for me to Believe, and it happened to me!

So I can only imagine how hard this will be for you to Believe and Understand.

When I died I connected to the Oneness of "It All".

Even this concept is unimaginable and even much more so the Experience!

I Believe it to be similar to what Freud referred to as the Unified Field Theory.

I refer to it as the Oneness Factor©, God.

It is not a theory to me.

I Experienced everything that is, was, and will be! It All Is!

I am going to explain The Oneness Factor to you the best I can.

I need to warn you that this information may take you awhile to assimilate. It did for me!

I want to let you know that I was not a willing participant in this process. I didn't want to change. But I did change and you will, too, once you hear and Understand the Eternal Truths and Way!

Your main purpose for being a human in the first place is to Heal your separatist human condition.

You must Heal your soul state, so that you can return to your original state of being, which is in Harmony with Natural Law in Divine Order (NLDO); part and parcel of the Oneness Factor©.

To do this you first need to remember what it is like to be in Harmony with this Original Purely Loving state of Being.

To get in touch with this almost forgot memory, begin by using your imagination.

Imagine how you would feel if everything in your life were perfect. Remember a peak time in your life when things were going well, when you felt connected and in the flow.

Feel how you would feel if you had the perfect spouse and family, the perfect job, all the money you ever needed, no stress, and everything you did turned out just the way you wanted.

Stop and feel how wonderful you would feel. Feel it in every cell of your whole being. That feeling is your God-Given Right and is how you are to feel no matter what is or isn't going on in your life.

(That's what everyone is Truly Longing for;
to again be One with and Tune with the Oneness Factor)

This Ideal Feeling IS, and is not to be dependent or contingent upon anything physical; but most people give up their Ideal feeling for a myriad of reasons.

As you learn to Live in Harmony with your Highest Principle and the Oneness of It All, you will also be able to maintain your God-given Ideal state of Being.

The Oneness Experience is the Ultimate Experience of the human condition.

Allowing your self to be open enough to See the interconnectedness of everything is one way to begin experiencing the Oneness Factor.

Everything in the cosmos, seen from the Higher Perspective, is part and parcel of the whole picture, the Oneness Factor.

When living in the Ultimate Paradigm of the Oneness Factor©, one is not a lonely number. It is the fullest number, the Oneness of It All.

To be able to see all as One, you must get in touch with your own Highest Loving nature. This amounts to Healing your humanness, your little ego way, and so being into the Oneness.

Once your little nature has learned enough to Live for something more than just its own little neediness, you will have Healed your little way, your soul.

Once this takes place, you will be able to Experience the Joy and Ecstasy that comes with getting beyond the human conditioning and into the Oneness Factor©.

A key to getting beyond the human condition and into the Oneness of "It All" is in the attitude.

With a Loving attitude you get a new view, a new perspective of what is really going on and why.

It takes a Loving attitude to join into the Oneness of "It All".

This starts with being able to Love your self and see your self as an Ideal Loving God would see you, like an Ideal Parent’s view of his or her child. This is your Higher Perspective. We all have one!

You need to be your own Ideal Parent; the one you wish you'd had. Then you will be able to see all with the same Love. This perspective is the part of you, known as your Higher Self, your Higher Consciousness.

When you get to this Ideal Loving Nature, you will be able to join into the Oneness. Until then, however, it will be impossible to Truly join in because you will be guarded, and as long as you are not One with your Ideal Spirited Loving Self, you will not have enough faith or belief to let this guard down.

Understanding if what you are doing is Truly Loving and into the Oneness is easy. Just remember that doing good is all-inclusive and doing less than good is exclusive.

If what you are doing is respectful of all, then you know it’s good. If what you are doing is good for some and not for others, then you know it is less than good.

Natural Law in Divine Order (NLDO) is beyond duality and beyond positive and negative, male and female, good and bad.

It is into the Oneness. It is all about Love and is beyond time and space, the human view.

It is an Eternal frame of reference that is not dependent or contingent upon anything.

It is a state of Being that transcends time and space.

As you develop your Wholeness, you will Experience this Total Ecstasy, a completeness like no other. When you do, you will have transcended your human condition and be able to Experience a Cosmic Orgasm.

In comparison to NLDO, the human view has selective attention. It takes information out of the Oneness and becomes situation and time specific, hopefully so that refinement into the Oneness can take place.

Always keep in mind that everything that is seen can help you Heal your soul state so that you can reconnect with your original Spirited Nature.

Feeling is the main faculty used to help maintain Spiritual Balance.

When Living inter-dimensionally, in the Oneness, intellect will not help you.

Spiritual Balance is maintained through following your gut level with an open heart

There is no judging. There is only feeling.

Judging is only part of the human perspective and not part of the Spiritual picture.

There is only feeling, and it is only relative to your Ideal Loving rhythm. Anything less than your Ideal can help you bridge to your Ideal.

Keep in mind that this is only the case if you are conscious of this fact and consciously decide to use your feelings for your Spiritual evolution.

There is no one right way to become open and make refinements. I used to think there was, so I was always judging my self as wrong and telling my self that my refinements were never good enough.

There is always better and better, and the best is always yet to come.

Don't judge your self as sick just because you know you can be better.

You are fine just the way you are, and you can always keep refining!

This New MindSet has a completely different feeling than judging. Sense it for your self.

The Law of Reciprocity is always at work in the Bigger Scheme of Things. You create your own destiny through the energy you radiate.

If you make your self look good but have an underlying negative attitude, you have a price to pay.

It is in your Eternal Best Interest (EBI) to take Ultimate responsibility for all you do and for all that happens to you by being consciously aware of the tone of the energy you are radiating.

You never ever have a good enough reason to radiate negative vibes! You don't even have the right to be less than your Ideal

Where all paths join and become One
The Real Journey Begins
The Oneness Factor

It is your God-Given Right to be your Ideal Purely Loving Self. All you have to do is "JOIN INTO" the Rhythm of Pure Love Oneness Factor© Help

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