aka Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen
A Spiritual Resource

Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen Died, went to Heaven,
and became One with the Ultimate Source!
Now as a Natural Resource, she is sharing what she has learned.

Never coming all of the way back into her body,
Yvonne continues to Live with the "Total Knowing"
that we all have when not hindered
by the delusion of the human condition and conditioning.

Yvonne has a Bachelor's Degree in Educational Psychology and a
Master's Degree in Psychiatric Social Work.

She has been a Spiritual Psychotherapist, coach, and Healer for over 25 yrs.

Yvonne was a radio talk show producer and host of "In the Spirit" for 8 years,
(the 1 hour talk show aired throughout the Hawaiian Islands)
She Authored 2 books
And Created many "Creative Experiencing"Cd's

Being an Empathic Healer and
Spiritual Intuitive
She Inspires people to have the courage it takes to actually
Believe in Miracles and in the
Potential to Literally have Heaven on earth!

Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen is here to help you:

Understand the Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason underlying what is going on in your life; To help you find Creative Solutions.
(Creative Solutions are Based on Pure Love and are in the Eternal Best Interest of all!)

Yvonne can SEE the WHOLE picture, and Being a Spiritual Intuitive, she has a Natural Inclination to get right to the CORE of the issue and find the Healing Balance!

In the process, you will learn to get "The Rhythm" and eventually Be your own Healer!

Yvonne's Death Experience Revealed The Eternal Way and Truths.

“Where all paths meet and become One,
is where the Real Journey Begins.
The Oneness Factor.”
(c)2007 Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen, "The Power of Pure Love: Mental Feng Shui"

In this WEBSITE Yvonne is sharing Information that can help you:

Heal your soul from whatever limitation you have put on it
(wherever you betrayed your Truest Nature)
And Achieve Heaven on earth!

Find out how you can take who you are this very moment and bridge it to your Ideal.
(the Genius in you, Your Higher Knowing),
resulting in Living 'in Harmony' with the Bigger Scheme of things,
Natural Law in Divine Order!

Learn to be your own Healer!

Get on the path of Achieving Peace of Mind and having Heaven on earth!

Get in Tune with the Underlying Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason of the human condition,
so you can once again be in Tune with the Best in you;
consequently Healing all that is of a lesser order!

Experience the Miracles of Living in the Rhythm of Pure Love
Pure Love Heals All!!!


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Death Experience

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