2012 Survival Guide Tips
7 Questions To Ask Yourself to Prepare For The Reality Shift

Here are few Basic Principles you will want to keep in mind as you proceed into the 2012 survival guide.

Be heartfelt in all you do. Intellect alone will hold you back and keep you stuck in the old paradigm.

When you feel stressed, it indicates you are holding on to the past. Let go and expand your consciousness; as a result you will expand and relax your body, releasing tension.

There is no one right way to be in any situation. Consciously do your best with Love and you will be Divinely Directed and Protected.

Everything will find a new order. So during this timing, you will probably feel unsure; that is, unless you are feeling Love in your heart!

Being Loving in all you think, say, and do is the only way to feel okay during this time of transition.

This is a time of Change. The core lessons all have to do with being more Loving, Undersanding and Compassionate because of what you are going through. Your past is reflected in your moment!!!

Wherever you are being judgmental, you will have a lesson of humility coming your way.

Love, Love, Love

7 Questions to “SEE” if You Are on Track

1) Do you wake up feeling enthusiastic about your day?
2) Are you flexible if things don’t go as planned?
3) Do you have a tendency to “SEE” how things are Right?
4) Do you have a Creative outlet? (anyplace or way that you can express yourself in an unguarded non-judgmental, free way.)
5) Do you like yourself?
6) Are you your own best friend?
7) Do you Love yourself?

If you can answer “YES” to each question, YAY……..you are on the Right Track!
If not, CLICK HERE to “SEE” 2012 Survival Guide "Why" it is important to be able to say “YES” to each question and then HOW to be able to answer “YES”.


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