1)Why is it important for you to wake up feeling enthusiastic about your day in 2012 and beyond? How you wake up is an indication of how in tune you are with your Truest Nature, The Real You.
If you are one with your Center, you will feel enthusiastic about your day.
Imagine how good you would feel if you and all in your life was in perfect order. That’s how good you will feel when you live in harmony with your Self. In Actuality, that Feeling is not dependent or contingent upon anything outside of your Self. It is your God Given Right to Feel that Ideal; but you must live up to your Ideal Standards in order to be able to Live in Harmony with It, the Wisdom of your Spirit. Meanwhile, the disparity between how you do feel and that Ideal, is how far off you are. That is how far off the mark you are and the longer the further from the mark you will be! You will experience it in how your everyday life plays out! So, time is of the essence! There is no good enough reason not to feel Ideal, except for a moment or two; just long enough to get the message that you have veered from your Ideal. Click here for the 2012 Survival Guide on HOW to accomplish this.

2)Why is it important for you to be flexible if things don’t go as planned? It can be very frustrating if you think you can have control over things outside of yourself, especially in 2012. You will want to realize that the only thing you have any control over is how your respond or re-act. Just knowing this can help you put your focus and energy where you can do something constructive about your situation. It is important to remember that there is a Bigger Scheme of things. When things don’t go as you want it to in the moment; The Bigger Scheme of things is Directing you to your Ultimate Truth. If you arent’ aware of that, you will have a tendency to fight it; instead of allowing yourself to be Divinely Directed and Protected, by following the clues. Click here Learn to say “YES” and make the most of when things don’t go as planned.

3)Why it is important for you to have a tendency to “SEE” how things are Right? When you are in Tune with the Bigger Scheme of things, you will “SEE” that everything is All Right! Until that time, just know that there are things for you to Learn and to Realize. Life as a human is an ongoing re-fine-ment. It starts out with each being ego-centric. Eventually, if you are lucky, Humility will get you to Realize that ego is limited and hard to ever please. As you re-Connect to your Higher Knowing (which by the way is in Tune with the Bigger Scheme of things) you will be able to tame your ego neediness and the sense of lack that goes with that frame of reference!
Click here to find out how.

4)Why is it important that you have a Creative outlet? (anyplace or way that you can express yourself in an unguarded, non-judgmental, free way.) Most of us have been directed and programmed into being who we are. Very few of us have been nurtured into making the most of who we Really Are. Consequently most people have lost touch with the Truest part of their nature. Along with doing the

“Creative Experiencing” CD’s to help you feel your Purest Self, doing something of a creative nature. Click here to find out how.

5)Why is it important that you like yourself?,/span> You must like yourself before you can Love yourself. You must Love yourself before you can ever have a Healthy Love for another or even believe in the Love from another. That should be enough to let you know why it is so important to like yourself. Most people are so busy impressing others that they don’t question if they like themselves; thinking that they will like themselves, if someone else likes them. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, especially in 2012 and beyond. Click here to find out how.

To have Love, Joy, and Harmony in your life you must have Love, Joy and Harmony within yourself first. You may want to put "like yourself” on your list of things to do. When you like your self you will know that you are getting closer to being In Tune with your Higher Self and Knowing. When you are only in tune with your ego self, you will not really be able to like yourself for any length of time.

6)Why is it important that you your own best friend? As you learn to like your self more and more you will also learn to be your own best friend. When you are your own best friend you will Truly be able to be a best friend to another. Until that time you are in need of a best friend. It is hard to make good choices or feel good from a needy frame of reference, especially in 2012 and beyond. Click here to find out how.

7)Why is it important that you Love yourself? Without self love you really have nothing, especially in 2012 and beyond. When you Love you, you can Love everyone! When you Love you, you are One with God’s Love and will have Heaven on earth! This is the Goal for being human in the first place. You will Know that you have found Real Happiness and Peace of Mind. Pure Love Heals All!!! End of the story and the Beginning of the Eternal Way! Click here to find out how. Click Here to "SEE" HOW to answer "YES" to 2012 Survival Guide Questions.

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