How to Answer "Yes" to the 7 Important 2012 Questions
2012 Survival Guide

1) How to wake up feeling enthusiastic about your day in 2012 and beyond. Use anything that feels less than Ideal AS A TRIGGER to help you remember to re- connect to your Ideal. Once aware of situations and/or emotions, use Meditating (Creative Experiencing LINK CD’s) to help make Deep Effective Eternal Changes in much less time than if not using them! Every negative has a positive. It is up to you to find the positive and to keep reinforcing any less than Ideal issue with the positive counter-part.

The Goal for 2012 and beyond is to Love your self.
You must first like your self and be your own best friend too!
Start building a healthy positive relationship with your Self! Your little wounded self needs to learn to live in harmony with your Higher All-Knowing Spirited Self!
You have an Ideal Loving Parent in your consciousness.
You need to be your own Ideal parent and nurture the wounded part of your nature back to home base and health!

Two things are incorporated in this process for 2012 and beyond, Feeling and Being Aware of what you are saying/thinking to your self.
When you are feeling less than Ideal, be sure to stop and think what you are saying to your self. If you are at all like most people, you will be shocked much of the time!
You will want to change any negative thought, self talk, to a positive one.
The Positive one is Truer than then negative and will Actually help you become One with your Ideal Self; the Ultimate Goal of being human!

2) How to be flexible when things don’t go as planned.(Be prepared, because there will be many disruptions in the status quo in 2012 and beyond, so many things won't be going as planned.)

Keep in mind that when things don’t go as planned, there is a Gift from the Bigger Scheme of things waiting to be found!
You have a choice as to whether you will respond or re-act to the situation. Responding takes a few extra steps. Re-acting is no more than acting to a similar, but new, situation as if it were the same situation as in the past. You want to respond appropriately in the here and now because you aren’t who you were; and the situation isn’t exactly how it was either!

When less than Ideal feelings and emotions are triggered; know that this is a Clue that there is more for you. There is a Positive and negative in everything on the human level, so when you feel less than Ideal, you know there is a re-fine-ment that can be made. You are fine as you are, but you can always keep re-fining your self as long as you are in a body. If I were you, I would use every opportunity to re-fine my self, I do!!! This is Ultimately what making the most of your time as a human on planet earth is all about.

Now you have a new view to take with you into 2012. When things aren’t going as you planned, you can now see it as a good thing; knowing there is more for you.

You may want to Heal an old emotional wound by learning the Eternal Lesson and becoming a better Wiser person because of it. And/or, you may want to remove yourself from being exposed to whatever is triggering the less than Ideal feelings and emotions. You do have choices! Sometimes all you can do is to make the most of the moment. “Best is in the moment. Better is yet to come!” Keep the Faith!!!

3) How to “SEE” how things are Right. The first thing you will want to do is to consciously start changing your frame of reference from seeing how things are wrong to “SEEING” how things are Right.(our reality base is shifting in 2012 and unless you "SEE" how things are Right, you will stay stuck in the past!

The only way I found for accomplishing this is by doing Meditation/“Creative Experiencing”.
This is a process of getting into a deep meditative state of mind and then plugging in your Ideal Feeling of Pure Love so that it affects every cell in your body! This Feeling has a Rhythm and a Realty that is Eternal in nature. The more you meditate/Creatively Experience, the more you will be able to “SEE” how things are Right; even though they may not look that way from an ego-centric human perspective. You will stretch into all that you are to be and reach your human Potential by learning to be more Loving, Understanding and Compassionate because of what you have gone through.

4) How to be able to say “YES” to having a Creative outlet. Do something without using your memory. If you like to dance, find some new music that doesn’t have a drum beat and make up your own unique dance and rhythm. Or, you may want to do expressionistic painting. You don’t even need paint brushes. Pick acrylic colors (easy to use and water soluble) that feel good to you. If it feels good, play music to enhance your mood for the moment. Now just apply the colors to the canvas with feeling. Keep playing with it until it feels good to you. There is no good or bad; no right or wrong…..just feeling and re-fine-ment. Like with anything, the more you do the better you get. See how critical you may become with your self. Use it for re-Connecting with the Ideal Purely Loving part of your nature, so that you can be your own support system. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what you do to be Creative. You can even do whatever you have been doing, but do it in a new way.

5) How to like your self. You must live up to your own moral compass. This is about following your gut level with an open heart. If something doesn’t settle in your gut/solar plexus, you won’t be able to proceed with an open heart. If you don’t have an open heart you won’t be able to access your Higher Knowing.(Without your Higher Knowing you will never feel sure about anything in 2012 and beyond.) Anything less than Purely Loving will leave you judgmental and separate from the Eternal Way and Truths.

Meditating/Creative Experiencing will help you build on your Ideal state of Being. Then, when you are functioning in your daily life you will be more aware of when something that you are doing or saying doesn’t settle in your gut; so you can change how you behave to be more in Harmony with your own Purely Loving moral compass. Then, liking yourself will be a natural occurrence.

6)How to be your own best friend. A good way to start being your own best friend is to treat yourself the way you treat your ‘best friend’. You know how you have that extra exuberance and happiness when you get together and go that extra mile to make a plate of food look extra special or you use special china and glasses when your friends come over? Well, do that for yourself and when you do, appreciate it. Stop and think about what it is that your best friend does or gives you that makes you feel good. Now give that to yourself too. Maybe your friend is supportive of your every move and that’s what you like. Then that is what you are to develop within yourself. You get the point, right?

The most important thing to keep in mind for 2012 and beyond is to be aware of how you are talking to yourself. This isn’t just about outside appearances and giving yourself things. This has more to do with your attitude and how you are feeling about yourself.

7) How to Love your self. Look at yourself in the mirror. Then look your self in the eye and say, “I Love You”; with all of your heart and soul. Really mean it! It will probably feel awkward at first, but when you Truly Connect with your self with Pure Love you will KNOW IT! It is an Overwhelmingly Awesome Experience, that will bring you to your knees; a Level of Humility that is the Most Beautiful Experience Ever!

Humility is the key word here. In order to Experience the Ultimate of human Experiences, you must also experience the humility that goes along with Healing the human ego! Humble yourself to the Process of becoming Whole! Pure Love is the antedote, the Ultimate Healer. Make it your Passion to become Whole and Experience the Wonderment of the Power of Pure Love!

To be able to Live in the Rhythm of Pure Love is every human’s Ultimate Potential! When you Identify with who you Truly are, you will come from your Center. It will be easy to make decisions, Know what is Right, and to Love your self; no matter how unsure the outer world may look or seem from just a human/ego view. This is the Best Way to survive 2012 and beyond and make the most of the moment! This helps you be open for the newness we are going to experience in 2012 and beyond.

Remember, I am always here to help you survive 2012 and beyond

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