From Addiction
To Peace of Mind

Having an addiction is the biggest, most blatant clue that you are not in touch with your Truest Nature and that you are not satisfied with your self! You are trying to fill your self up, avoid feeling and/or thinking, trying to feel a sense of Completeness in some abstract way.

If you don't think you have one, think again! All humans have addictions, things they use to make themselves feel ok; anything be from shopping, to finding ways to be in control (like eating disorders), and everything in between.

People acquire addictions to help them feel ok, for whatever their underlying reasons. If you get in touch with the underlying reason, you will be able to use it to find the "Underlying Truth". That Insight will help you find Peace of Mind and Real Happiness. You will find that you will Magically no longer have the compulsion to do what you have been doing.

The intensity of the compulsive behavior indicates how far from your Ideal you are. This is exciting to know! As intense as it is, is as good and as free you will feel when your learn "The Truth" from the Insight. If your compulsion isn't very intense the Balance/Insight will help you feel a little better. If it is more intense, then you will feel relatively that much better!!! "Everything is always relative. Relativity is all there is!" (from "Verbal Elxirs: Thoughts to Peace of Mind".) So, it is a good idea to really feel and experience what is going on with you, so you can get the most out of it when you find the Healing Balance.

Having an addiction is an indication that you are living from an incomplete, limited human, perspective; consequently always having to find a way to fill the innate emptiness inherent in the human condition.

The solution is to find Eternal Peace of Mind and Joy through re-connecting to the Bigger, All-Encompassing Reality that, by the way, is our Original Home Base.

Those who feel complete within themSelves, Feel Fulfilled and no longer feel a compulsion for an outer fix.

It feels so good to be One with your Ideal that it becomes Addictive. Because the human condition is incomplete, it is a good idea to replace human addictions, which are not in your Eternal Best Interest(EBI), with Higher Order ones, that are in your EBI and in the EBI of all.

Pure Love is very addictive. 'IT' creates an Abundance in you, that compels you to have to share It! This energy, of the Highest Order, will eventually Heal the planet and all on it; so it is in everyone's best interest that each person develop their Higher Conscious Awareness; so we can all Live in the Rhythm of Pure Love.

The only way to feel satisfied, satiated and fulfilled, is to Be One with the "Ultimate Source", Pure Love. It isn't through winning some competition or knowing that you can outdo another on the physical level that will give you Peace of Mind.

Until you achieve your own Oneness with your Truest Nature, your Ideal, you will have an innate longing and yearning for something and/or have a need to prove that you are better than another or others.

When you get this longing for an illusive something to complete yourself, remember that it is not really for something of a physical nature that you are in need of.

Unfortunately, when you are caught up in the 3rd dimension, physical reality, you think that is where the answer for your emptiness and lack of Ultimate Fulfillment lies.

Actually, it is your longing for your Innate Sense of Completeness, your subconscious memory, letting you know that you are missing that Ideal part of your self that is built into your Being. You are Destined to Actualize that Ideal Potential. That is really what you are in need of!

Have you ever noticed that whatever your addiction or compulsion is,that it never quite hits that ultimate spot? You may think it does for a moment or two, but it always leaves you longing; and then you are on to the next addiction or compulsion; that Ultimate Feeling of True Joy is always an illusive step away; so close, yet so far.

One day you will get the flash and SEE that whatever you are doing isn't doing it. This is when personal Honesty starts to surface. You will get to the point where you will realize that Relatively speaking you feel sick and tired and that you are tired of feeling that way. You will yearn to feel really alive, robust, and invigorated and Joyful.

If there wasn't more for you wouldn't have feelings of disatisfaction. You are having these thoughts and feelings because there is more for you!!! Yay.....

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