Frankincense is a Master Essential Oil

A master essential oil, frankincense goes back to the birth of Christ and before. Not all Essential Oils are beneficial. Young's Living Essential Oils are the purest essential oils I have personally experienced and are cold processed. They are 100% pure living essential oils, not fractionated with coconut or vegetable oil like most of the others. All Young's Livning Essential oils work!!!

It is important to have essential oils in your home or with you when you travel, especially during the flu season. I have had clients with very compromised immune systems, who did not catch a cold or flu while in the hospital or hospice when everyone else was sick or getting sick around them. With the use of Frankincense being the most used along with Young's Thieves Essential Oil and Raven, their immune systems were enhanced to such a level that the hospital and hospice Doctors and nurses were amazed.

Essential oils are the living essence of plants in the most condensed form. Because they are unadulterated, the physical receptors in your body can absorb them easily and thoroughly.

Let me clarify this so you can get a better understanding of what I am getting at. Our bodies have receptors for absorption of what we consume. Lets compare it to a 3 prong electrical plug. When you consume natural products that have not been processed or adulterated, your body can absorb it completely with no stress to the body because they fit perfectly into the 3 prong receptor. Once a natural product has been processed and changed in any way, it no longer is completely compatible and in sync with the 3 prong receptor, causing stress and inhibiting complete absorption.

If I were you I would definitely have a bottle of Frankincense Essential Oil in my house along with the Essential 7 Young's Living Oils, to enhance the health and well-being of myself and my family.

Essential oils can be ingested (taken internally) as well as used topically. A few drops of lemon, tangerine or orange oil in your water or Perrier makes a healthy low calorie beverage. Frankincense used topically is aborbed and enters your system in minutes!

I teach Vibrational Healing. One major premise is that the Higher your vibration, Pure Love being the Highest, the less likely it is that you will have physical symtoms, dis-ease. So, anything that you can do to raise your vibe, is in your Eternal Best Interest.

Positive pro-active thinking and living is the Goal. Lower vibes make you more sensitive to daily stresses and dis-ease creating an acidic system. Viurses and bacteria are always in the air and surrounding you, but you are only vulnerable to getting sick when your vibe is lowered and more acidic than alkaline. Love and Peace create an alkaline system and enhance your chances of maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. High grade Young's Essential Oils also help you raise your vibe, effecting you mentally and physically.

We can't eliminate all of the stressors in life, but we can help balance them out with the right daily procedures and habits. Frankincese and the Essential 7 Essential Oils are a good place to start.

It is fun to experiment with the Essential oils. Use them and Feel which ones appeal and work for you at different times. (there must be 100 of them to choose from) If your lungs are bothering you, you can put them on your chest and feel the effects in minutes. Have sinus problem? Put the Frankincense or Thieves Oil on your nose. Are you traveling? Use the oils in your nostrils before boarding the plane, during, and after; to inhibit getting sick from that toxic environment that you are confined to be in for all that time!

The more ways you can find to take control over your sense of well-being in this stressful time in time will help you thrive in every way imaginable and then some!

Be the Director of your life and not a victim to what is going on. No matter what it is that isn't as good as you would like or feel it should be, is an opportunity to get you back "In Tune" with your Innate Wisdom. Use whatever isn't Ideal to help you get in touch your Ultimate Power and Knowing. You are never given more than you handle, but you may need to learn how to Stretch yourself in ways that my now be unimaginable, to Realize that.

If you Truly want to Actualize your Ideal, with all of your Heart and soul, you will! If you Conceive an idea and Believe it; It Is!!! You will Achieve It, unless you stop Believing and give up! Use Vibrational Healing concepts to help you get "In Tune" with your Ideal Purely Loving Self.

Young's Living Essential Oils, Frankincense in particular, should be part of your Vibrational arsenal.

If you want to order, you will need a member's code number. You can use mine (174421) to register and then you will get your own.

To check out or buy the Frankincense and other Essential OIls, you can go to the Young's Living Essential Oil website.

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