Insomnia: Insights & Solutions

The latest research shows that Insomnia is a growing concern for many people, particularly women.

If you are having this concern, don't be discouraged. You can actually use whatever isn't Ideal in your life, like not being able to sleep, to help you connect to your Ideal and find Real Happiness.

Insomnia is a clue that there is something you can become aware of that will help free you from worry, anxiety, depression, anger, or whatever is preventing you from having peace of mind and getting a wonderful peaceful night's sleep.

Do you have a problem falling asleep? Or, do you wake up in the middle of the night and have problems getting back to sleep? Depending upon the pattern of your inability to get a good night's sleep, different reasons can be surmised.

Problems falling asleep have more to do with anxiety, worry and stress. Waking up too early and not being able to fall back to sleep usually has more to do with depression. It may not be easy to recognize what your pattern is, because many people have a combination of anxiety and depressive concerns.

If you drink alcohol at night, you will probably find your self waking up about an hour and a half or two after falling asleep; keeping you up for probably an hour to an hour and a half. This disruption in your sleep can lead to agitation and depression during the daytime hours.

An obvious reason for having problems falling asleep is drinking caffeinated beverages too late in the day. Keep in mind that dark chocolate is high in caffeine and can also effect those of you who are sensitive.

Taking sleeping meds shouldn't be your first option of choice. The main reason being that you don't get the right levels of sleep for optimum healing and rejuvenation. We naturally have different stages of sleep that we cycle through each evening. Sleeping meds interfere with these natural cycles.

Once you get the hang of it, natural solutions like meditation and deep breathing, are very helpful for releasing stress, anxiety, depression, etc. . Meditating three times a day can help you be more conscious and aware of things that are upsetting to your inner nature, so you can deal with whatever is causing anxiety, stress, depression, etc. during the day; and not have it build up to cause problems at night.

The process of "Creative Experiencing" (a combination of deep breathing, meditation, visualization and being 'as if' you are your Ideal self) IS THE BEST WAY TO OVERCOME INSOMNIA.

Calcium Magnesium supplements taken in the evening can also be helpful. Essential Oils like lavender sprinkled on your pillow have also been known to help with relaxation.

Prescription meds should be the last resort as they put undo stress on your natural rhythms. Using natural methods can help save your body from and undo physcal stresses.

THE BENEFITS of Insomnia

There is something important to be learned from whatever is stressing you out; causing your depression, anxiety, etc.! Remember that you are never given more than you can handle, even though it may look and feel that way in the moment. Your journey on earth, as a human being, is more about learning to get over your little self, learning to stretch in ways that you couldn't think up without the stress and problems of the moment. This process will help you connect to your Higher Spirited Self!

Ultimately, Love is the Goal; being Loving in all you think, say, and do. Remember a time in your life when things were wonderful. Use this Ideal frame of reference when finding the balance to anything that keeps your from having peace of mind. If you don't have a time to reference, use your Imagination on how you know you would love for it to be and use this as your frame of reference.

When you resolve the things in your life that are less than Ideal with a Loving attitude, you will have Peace of Mind and sleep like a baby. Until then, keep finding the Loving Balance to anything that leaves you sleepless and you will find your way Home!

When you Live in Harmony with God's Love, you will have Peace of Mind.....and no insomnia! If you have difficulty doing this on your own....

I can help you with your insomnia.

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