Natural Healing: Your Body Has a Natural Propensity
To Heal Itself

Natural Healing occurs when you are Living in Harmony with the Wisdom of your soul. Until that time your body is barraged by many negative forces that lower your immune system. These daily stressors end up being too much for your human condition to handle. There are many things you can do to help diminish the stressors, whether they come from the environment or from within yourself.

There is a brain body you think, you are;
even if that thinking is sub-conscious.

Natural healing is inhibited if you are subconsciously battling yourself. Many times auto-immune dis-eases surface as a result. Instead of the immune system battling off dis-ease, it actually turns on itself attacking you instead of helping heal you. If you look at this symbolically, it is letting you know that you aren't on your own side and that you are probably too self critical and judgmental.

There is Symbolism Underlying your symptoms. As you start to Understand that Symbolism and make the evident re-finements; you will notice that the symptoms diminish in intensity or recurrence, Natural Healing.

By getting into the Symbolism you will be able to access your sub-conscious thoughts and beliefs. As you neutralize those thoughts and beliefs by acquiring pro-active thoughts and actions from your Higher Consciousness; you will eventually be living One with your Super-Consciousness, allowing Natural Healing to take place.

When you are One with your Super-Consciousness you will be your own Healer; having the Insights needed to Know what is Ultimately good for you or not. Until that time your life's Truest Mission is to Achieve that level of Consciousness. There is no good enough reason not to reach your Potential! As a matter of fact, the reason you need Healing is because you aren't One with Your Self! It is your Self calling out for help! How else could it get your attention if not through a symptom? If everything was fine in your life, you would never change!

Look at any so-called negatives or health issues in your life as the Bigger Scheme of things in in Divine Order calling out to you, to let you know that there is more for you...much, much, more!

As you are transforming your brain circuitry to be in tune with Your Higher Knowing and Eternal Way, through deciphering the Symbolism of your physical symptoms; you will also want to be aware of the external life stressors. By being aware of them you can diminish them.

It is important to eat well. By that, I mean eat as many whole unrefined foods as possible. If you do, you will find that your body will find its Ideal weight, naturally! Eating processed foods are harder for your body to process and you get less nutrition. In other words your body goes through a lot of hard work for little benefit, causing stress and inhibiting Natural Healing.

By treating yourself well, you will automatically find ways to eliminate daily stressors from your day. Negative people have an impact on your health in ways that you are not aware of. They can raise your blood pressure and even throw off your insulin levels! When you Live in the Rhythm of Pure Love, it is easy to sense when someone is bringing you down or affecting you negatively! By not saying anything to stop them from contaminating the airspace around them and everyone in that airspace as well, you are helping them perpetuate building bad karma. You will feel better by giving your self the right to speak your Truth with Pure Love.

Using Essential Oils are a good way to help you Balance negativity whether that be vibrational, viral, bacterial, emotional....they enhance your body's propensity for Natural Healing, both physically and mentally! Young's Living Oils are the Purest and have the Highest Vibratory Level of effectiveness that I have personally found! You will want to have lavender for relaxation, a few drops of lemon in your water is good for its anti-bacterial properties, Frankincense is the most powerful for dealing with viruses and flu bugs, even pre-cancerous skin areas. Thieves oil is a great multipurpose blended oil that is a natural cleaner known for eradicating black mold. This enhances your body's ability for natural healing. Many cleaners are toxic and cause stress to your body!

You may want to check out Young's Living Oils website. If you want to purchase anything you will need a sponsor's membership can use mine: 174421. Once you sign up you will get your own number ;-)

I have a few nutrtional suggestions. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions. Everyone has their own idiosyncracies, so if you have an aversion or allergies; these suggestions may not be appropriate for you.

Eat enough food with Omega 3 fatty acids, like salmon several times a week. If you do you will actually notice the difference in your skin. You will look like you had a natural facelift!

Steel cut oats for breakfast; with cinnamon, walnuts, honey, and milk is a great heart healthy way to start your day. Whole grains are needed to add bulk and help with elimination; so make sure if you do eat bread that it has its fair share of whole grains.

Depending upon your daily diet, supplements may be a good idea. You may also be interested in taking transreveratrol as it is a great anti-oxidant.

If you don't get enough fresh salmon, you may want to take Omega 3 supplements. Nuts and seeds are loaded with nutritional value, so you may want to incorporate them into your diet as well.

I found eating raw foods to be very energizing. It is surprising how much nutrition is cooked and processed out of the food we consume. If you decide to do your own research, eat whole foods that are raw. You will feel the difference for yourself! They are an immediate mood and energy elevator.

As you get older, CoQ10 is a must for heart health.

For Natural Healing, click here to find out more about The Fine Art of Symbolism

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